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Fire and Ice: How using the law of opposites with glass can create a harmonious balance in your home

November 29, 2021
Last updated on April 15, 2024

A home is an extension of the self, and the space that shapes us. A harmonious home is the key to a harmonious life. And balance is at the heart of harmony.

In interior design, there are various ways in which balance can be achieved, through colours, textures, forms, shapes, lights and so much more. The most common, and the one that works splendidly, is incorporating the law of opposites. Like fire and ice, that create a spectacular medley when placed together, there are certain combinations that can help you create that balance. Balance is one of the key design principles, alongside contrast, emphasis, repetition and others. Glass, as a material, is versatile enough to bloom under most of these principles. Complemented by warm tones of certain materials that are explored below, the magical whimsy of glass helps create a mesmerizing harmony in spaces.

Wood and Glass

This classic combination combines the earthiness of wood and the visual airiness of glass. Probably the most used combination, it is still fresh and can help create harmonious spaces that are as traditional as they are contemporary.

219 Boat Club Road, ©Source: Saint-Gobain

Copper and Glass

The rose-gold material is currently on the top of everyone’s home decor list. It imparts a sense of sophistication to the space, while also being young and playful. Copper and glass together create spaces that are vibrant yet understated; the perfect solution for elegant homes of the new generation.

©Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

Brass and Glass

Brass is a yellow tinted metal with medium gloss. The material has an old-school charm to it, that can be very traditional. Brass and glass fit perfectly in period spaces or spaces that have a certain grandeur. Resplendent and graceful, this combination is certainly very royal.

©Source: Brabbu.com

Gold and Glass

Similar to brass, but a notch higher, sits the king of metals - gold. The highly coveted metal instantly transforms a space from normal to royal. Gold has been known to signify progress and prosperity since olden times, and glass is the contemporary signature of advancement. Together, they help create eclectic spaces that are opulent and grand.

©Source: Brabbu.com

Earth and Glass

This combination is very different from the others. While the previous elements imparted a luxurious grace to space, earth and glass create a humble elegance. Earth has been used as a building material since ages, and is currently gaining popularity for its sustainable nature. Coupled with glass, this material can transform any place into a simplistic haven, that is rooted in warmth, comfort and utility. However, there is a possibility the end result becomes slightly drab, depending on the colour of the earth. Stained glass is a good option to negotiate this. The colours add liveliness to the space, adding to the beauty. Bright primary colours go especially well with earthy tones for a more playful feel.



©Connor McKay

Glass can be found in many shapes, forms and colours. With the visual breathability that it affords, it makes for an excellent material to have in a home environment. By combining it with warm tones in home furnishings and decor, a beautiful resonance can be achieved. This graceful yet comfortable juxtaposition of fire and ice is sure to create a wonderful space resplendent with the air of contemporary elegance.

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