faceboo Enhance Lift Lobbies With Coloured Glass

Coloured glass for lift lobbies - SGG Planilaque

June 05, 2020
Last updated on May 29, 2023

Elevating the class of interior design glass

Lift lobbies. Aren’t they the same all over the world? Black, bland, boring. Well, almost. For people in a hurry, going either up or down, what does it matter how the lobbies look, right? Wrong. We live in the age of trendy interior design and it’s time we spruced up every space!

After all, when we go to great lengths and depths to enhance the surrounding areas, why should the wall panelling in lift lobbies be left behind? Which is why, Saint-Gobain Glass has come up with the perfect solution for creating an elevating experience in lift lobbies SGG Planilaque. A range of lacquered & coloured glass, SGG Planilaque takes the concept of designing the elevator lobby to a whole new level!

Offering a palette of possibilities, you can choose from 11 exotic colours to spice up the space. Step out of the elevator, and SGG Planilaque can be used extensively in wall panelling, decorative panels, cladding for cabinet & wardrobe doors, internal doors & sliding doors, showcases, furniture, writing boards and the washroom too!

SGG Planilaque is the ideal interior design glass, enabling both ease of installation as well as maintenance. It is manufactured using the advanced lacquer on glass process and fortified with features like durability, opacity, heat & humidity resistance and colour consistency. What’s more, as an eco-friendly glass, it contains no traces of VOC, lead, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic.

Now glass panels in lift lobbies will never have to be boring again.  Explore the range of lacquered glass from SGG Planilaque and experience a new high!




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