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Lacquered glass wall panelling for offices

June 05, 2020
Last updated on December 05, 2023

Planilaque by Saint-Gobain is a lacquered coloured glass that is ideally suited for wall panelling in offices. It comes in a palette of 26 interesting shades that can make the office interiors come alive with colour. Team up the subtle with the vibrant hues and discover how they complement each other to a stunningly breathtaking effect.

Because, even offices deserve to break away from the monotony and create an ambience that is conducive for work. Planilaque glass wall panelling with coloured and lacquered glass work wonders at the workplace. 

SGG Planilaque is perfect for office wall panelling in more ways than one.

  • While it is undoubtedly appealing in terms of aesthetics, this coloured and lacquered glass also scores high on the functional front.
  • The lacquer on one side of the glass makes sure that Planilaque is sturdy and remains durable against any damage.
  • It is easy to install, clean and maintain, thereby ideal for the rigours of everyday use.
  • A lead-free material with negligible amounts of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, Planilaque poses no harm to the occupants as well as the environment.
  • Wall panelling with SGG Planilaque creates a sense of space and spells style with its glossy, coloured finish.
  • By replacing conventionally used material with glass, it is also possible to double up the wall panels as writing boards.
  • Therefore, Planilaque not just serves as a visual treat, but also imparts utility as well.

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