faceboo 10 Things To Do For Mental Wellness While Working From Home

Work out on your wellbeing while working from home

May 27, 2020
Last updated on May 22, 2023

Working from home can pose challenges in more ways than one. The last thing we need during stressful times is even more stress, which is why it becomes imperative to work out on our wellbeing while working from home.

Ironical that it is, personal wellbeing is often the most neglected aspects of our lives. All our life, we chase distant dreams, pursue passions and practice professions in the quest for a better life, but put our own present wellbeing at stake in the process.

It is all too common for wellbeing to be associated with only physical health. But the fact is that wellbeing is as much about mental wellness as it is about having a healthy body. While it may seem quite intimidating to put things into place, it is however not a major effort to find wellbeing in daily life. Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

For mental wellbeing

  • Listen to your calling

We all go through lives in the belief that we love what we are doing. But just for a moment, we need to stop and ponder on whether we are doing what we love? So, listen to that inner calling and pursue it. If you are able to get your passion and profession on the same page, nothing like it. Now is a good time to assess and reevaluate your goals.


listen to your calling


  • Channel your strengths

Sometimes, it is easy to wallow in our weaknesses and not do the things that we are otherwise capable of. It's time to let them go and instead focus on your strengths. There's virtually nothing that a human mind cannot achieve. Stay focussed and watch the impossible become possible again.




  • Build a support system

One of the reasons we take too much upon ourselves is our reluctance to seek help. Do not hesitate to ask for support when you need it. Build a circle of relationships that you can rely on anytime. We all contribute to each other's growth; so always be ready to get help, and give help, too. Among the many advantages that come out of working from home are lessons in co-existence and sharing the load that help each other benefit mutually.


build a support system


  • Never stop learning

There's a lifetime of learning out there, if only you are an avid learner. Did you know, by learning something new, you are actually exercising your brain muscles to make you mentally stronger? It's never too late to learn; so think of the things that you had always yearned to learn but never got round to doing it. Now is the time;


never stop learning


  • Have a hobby

There's nothing quite like a hobby to de-stress yourself. Hobbies bring a sense of fulfilment and happiness, bringing the much-needed respite from the mundane chores of everyday life. Every person should cultivate a hobby that will give precious 'me-time' to indulge in. It is the only way to keep one's sanity in this chaotic world.

Likewise, working towards physical wellbeing is also equally important. Now, let us see how exercise and workouts have an impact on:


  • Sleep

Vigorous workouts naturally help to induce sleep and also soothe the mind to relaxation


  • Stress

Like discussed earlier, work from home can be quite stressful. But the production of stress hormones like cortisol is curtailed with exercise, hence calming both the mind and body.


  • Mood

Feel-good hormones – the Endorphins – are released during exercise, boosting the mood and reducing anxiety and negativity.


  • Immunity

People who regularly exercise have their immunity system improved and are less prone to illnesses.


  • Brainpower

Deep breathing post exercise carries oxygen to the brain, improving cognitive skills and concentration.

While we continue to work all our lives, be it at home or office, let's make working out a commitment to life. Let's make working out work for us – for our health and for our wellbeing. Because, well being is more than just being well.




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