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Enhanced interiors with glass

June 06, 2020
Last updated on June 19, 2023

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Siemens Technology and Services, Chennai

The Siemens Technology and Services office at SP Infocity – Perungudi, Chennai, is an embodiment of the new-age workplace : elegant, understated and carrying the corporate image with elan. It is where minimalism speaks volumes, and the interior space is designed to have a persona of its own. There is nothing that screams for attention and it is this quiet power that glass for the modern office has been wielding in recent times.

Saint Gobain glass makes its presence felt all across the Siemens;office in its unique, ubiquitous manner. To align with the company’s expectations from glass for the modern office, Saint-Gobain extended solutions that had novel applications: glass lobbies, glass walls and even glass writing boards! From its wide repertoire of glass variants, SGG Planilaque was used to enhance the interiors of the Siemens workplace.

Lobbies in glass bring an inviting and welcoming aura into the building. The huge, transparent glass panels create a sense of space and make the lobby appear larger than what it otherwise would be. The lobby creates the first impression and SGG Planilaque ensured that it would be one that would last. The walls were also clad in Planilaque to show the vast, undivided expanse of the interiors. Writing Boards in Planilaque in lieu of the conventional white board made for the latest addition to glass for the modern office. The architects, Space Matrix, used Planilaque Extra White (6mm) for the project. The White shade was especially chosen to be in sync with the corporate colour palette.

SGG Planilaque is a one-of-its-kind glass for the modern office. It blends together a host of attributes that offer utility value without compromising on the aesthetic. The lacquer deposited on one side of the glass makes it a highly durable material that can withstand extreme conditions. It is moisture-resistant and therefore suitable for use in damp areas without the need for an additional protective cover. Planilaque is scratch-proof too, so you can imagine what a boon that can be in the workplace!

What is also increasingly endearing Planilaque to the corporate world is the fact that it is an eco-friendly material. SGG Planilaque is lead-free and traces of VoC are only marginal; it also does not contain arsenic, formaldehyde or copper. By endorsing SGG Planilaque as glass for the modern office.Siemens has indeed found a special way to put its environmentally-sensitive foot forward.

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