faceboo Lacquered Glass: A Modern Solution to Seven Kitchen Problems

Modern solutions to seven common kitchen problems

March 21, 2022
Last updated on July 17, 2023

The kitchen is where all the culinary magic happens. So, it is only fair that you make it as functional and beautiful as possible.

When designing a kitchen, there are several issues which you should anticipate and prepare for in advance. In this blog, we will be listing seven such common kitchen problems and how you can combat them.

Space and storage

space & storage

Cluttered counter space

Your counter can feel smaller than it is if various items clutter the space. To make optimum use of your counter space and ensure a fuss-free cooking experience, organize the rest of your storage in cabinets. You can add upper/lower cabinets and a handy spice rack to manage your kitchen items efficiently.

An added tip - the use of lacquered glass for your kitchen shutters can add a vibrancy and a highly aesthetic finish to your kitchen space.

Insufficient space for trash

Often we do not adequately estimate the amount of trash we will generate. As a result, the tiny kitchen dustbin overflows and needs to be emptied frequently. Based on how often you cook and whether or not you are interested in recycling, we recommend larger bins and segregated spaces to throw different kinds of trash. A convenient pull-out trash can that stays concealed and doesn’t ruin the design aesthetic of your kitchen sounds like the perfect choice.

Maintenance and hygiene

Maintenance & Hygiene

Grime on the walls

Often the grime and grease from cooking accumulates on the kitchen walls and takes hours to clean. To avoid this, you need an easy-to-clean material for your backsplash. We highly recommend a lacquered glass backsplash which is not only easy to maintain but has a stunning glossy finish that makes your kitchen look glamorous. A simple wipe down with a wet cloth will be sufficient to have it look like new!

Wear and tear of cabinets

Your kitchen shutters are precious since they keep your kitchen organized. Due to their frequent use in the kitchen and added factors such as humidity, and dust, shutters are likely to show signs of wear and tear quite early on. Glass kitchen shutters can help combat this extreme wear and tear. They are super long-lasting, easy to clean, sturdy, and have the most delightful finish that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Read here how to choose the best material for kitchen shutters?

Sink blockage

When your sink gets blocked due to the presence of food residue, it creates an absolute mess in the kitchen. To unclog your sink, you can use a sink strainer to strain the food residue and manually dispose of it. Alternatively, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can dissolve the food residue and unclog your sink.

Lighting and ventilation

lighting & ventilation

Lighting that is too dim or harsh

Are you struggling with the choice of lighting in your kitchen? Traditionally, flush mount lights for the ceiling and small highlight lights for the cabinets are considered an ideal combination. This combination ensures that you have adequate illumination and your kitchen space looks effortlessly stylish. For natural light, a large south facing window can work wonders in lighting up the area during the daytime. Energy-efficient, Sun Ban windows are especially recommended since they provide optimal light while blocking excessive heat and preventing overheating of the room.

Inadequate ventilation

It is essential to plan for adequate ventilation in your kitchen to prevent it from getting stuffy. A suitable ventilation mechanism should consist of large, airy windows, which allow for proper air circulation. Install large windows in your kitchen to facilitate ventilation and keep your cooking environment comfortable. Added pro tip - a good chimney will help you further improve the ventilation in your kitchen.

That was a quick guide on some common kitchen problems and how to tackle them. If you are looking for some home decor inspirations for your kitchen, check out Saint-Gobain’s gallery.

Watch a short video here about benefits of using lacquered glass for kitchen shutters.




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