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Exploring Very Peri - The Trendsetting New Red-violet-infused Blue Hue

February 21, 2023
Last updated on April 15, 2024

coloured lacquered glass


Last year’s Pantone Color of the Year, according to Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Colour Institute, "reflects what is happening in our global society and expresses what people are asking for that colour might hope to answer." Each year, experts at Pantone choose a colour for the respective year by researching colour influences from all over the world, including the entertainment industry, art collections, emerging artists, fashion, home furnishings, design fields, well-known travel destinations, as well as new lifestyles, play styles, and socioeconomic conditions.

For the first time in history, a new colour has been created for Pantone Colour of the Year to reflect global innovation and transformation. The richness of this new red-violet-infused blue hue emphasizes the vast possibilities that lay before us, says Laurie, as society continues to embrace colour as a crucial form of communication, a method to convey and effect thoughts and emotions, engage and connect. Last year, the global authority on colour, Pantone, had chosen ‘Very Peri’ as the colour of the year”. Very Peri is a vibrant violet-red undertoned periwinkle blue colour that combines the fidelity and consistency of blue with the vigour and thrill of red, according to Pantone.

The gorgeous violet-infused blue tone is present in the vibrant plumage and exquisite lavender blossoms in nature. The tranquillity of blue and the exuberance of red are combined in the dramatic periwinkle blue shade with an invigorating violet-red undertone. As a result, the Pantone blue shade represents tranquillity, inspiration, knowledge, and health. It also embodies the inventiveness, fun, and delight of the violet tones. Thus, Veri Peri is a colour that has the best qualities of both hues. Very Peri casts a new light on the future by rekindling admiration for some of the traits that blue stands for and adding a fresh perspective that applies today.

Now with Saint-Gobain’s new Colourmax range, you can bring Veri Peri to your homes with absolute ease! Colourmax is a new range of lacquered glass which breaks the barriers of colour limitations and allows one to choose from any hues that surround us! Not just Veri Peri, but customize your home interiors with colours that compliment this shade as well! This unique violet-infused blue shade can provide many lively colour combinations, so designers can create options to achieve diverse moods. Let us look at how it can be used with vivid colour palettes and integrated into interior space design.

Create ‘Very Peri’Wall Accents

With SGG Colourmax, add Veri Peri accents to the walls of the living room or bedroom to add individuality and a lively mood. A splash of this colour keeps the space from seeming clinical and monotonous as the cool hues provide calming energy to the room. The accents can be teamed with base colours, prints and textures.

Sprinkle in ‘Very Peri’ accessories


living room mirror

Image by @bocadolobo on Instagram

Very Peri may be used as a striking accent colour among a carefully chosen selection of neutrals owing to this colour scheme. The hues emphasize timeless beauty while fostering sophistication and elegance. If one does not want to commit to using this striking colour in copious amounts, add a splash of colour and utilize it for the objects and accessories. A vase of purple flowers, artwork with periwinkle tones or a couch with very peri hues, teamed with a white lacquered glass coffee table, mirror decor or wall panelling are some ideas.

Pair the dynamic ‘very peri’ with natural hues

SGG Planilaque - lacquered glass

source: Aufloria

Given that periwinkle frequently appears in nature, in flower beds, leaves, underwater and even sky colour, it is sure to blend well with other natural hues. For a gentle, calm appearance, one can use it in a colour scheme of hues offered by SGG Planilaque like Cool Earth, Ivory, Calm sky blue and olive green to name a few. Very Peri can help create a serene environment when used with colour schemes inspired by nature. One can choose darker accent hues like cobalt and forest green for a bolder impression.

Go monochrome with ‘Very Peri’

glass partitions

Image Credits: Saint-Gobain

Very Peri is a vivid colour. Introduce similar, blue-tinged purples or shades of white, grey or beige into your interior decor for a subdued combination. Use different shades of the same colour in combinations as glass partitions or on accent walls. SGG Planilaque’s Casis Purple can be the perfect bold partner for this shade. Choose from the wide range of SGG Planilaque colours to team with the tint and create dynamic combinations. 

Embrace the charm of this brand new and stunning Very Peri colour to make your house a chic place to live and experience.

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