faceboo Does Red Glass Look Good on Wall Panels? Let's Find Out

SGG Planilaque, trendy lacquered glass wall panels – get radiant in red!

June 06, 2020
Last updated on December 05, 2023

Painting the town red is passe. It’s time to paint your room, your bedroom, RED. Bring on the passion people, and prove that paint is not the only way to colour your room red. You can do it with class. And glass. Yeah! Coloured Red Glass.

Isn’t glass changing the way we live today? Absolutely. And how? Simple, yet stylish. Subtle, yet sophisticated.

Just add some colour to it, and what we get is a range of possibilities that are simply endless!

simply endless

Why red color for the interiors?

Red. Exciting, Enticing and Energizing. All at the same time! It has power and passion, a sensuousness and style quotient that can make its other colour counterparts blush. Red is as much for the romantic, as it is for the rebel in you. Simply revel in all its glory, and you can be sure it will lay a red carpet especially for you!

Imagine a rich, deep hue of red glass cladding the walls of your bedroom. Suddenly, doesn’t there seem like a burst of energy and exuberance? In many ways, it is a reflection of your own persona – bold, strong, intense. And why not? When home is where your heart is, it is but natural that the ambience too, is an extension of your personality.


So, infuse the interiors of your bedroom with elements that are truly ‘you’. Offset the sleek red glass wall with your trademark, straight-forward white. Crisp window curtains, a book shelf or a lamp shade, white would be just perfectly right!

Saint-Gobain Glass offers Planilaque, a range of premium high durability coloured and lacquered glass. Manufactured using the high-end lacquer on glass process, it is heat and humidity resistant and devoid of VOC, lead, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, making it an eco-friendly glass. It is opaque and ensures excellent consistency in colour. 

Benefits of using SGG Planilaque for wall claddings

SGG Planilaque comes with a superior finish that makes it hygienic and hassle-free to maintain. It can be easily and quickly installed. The best part about SGG Planilaque is that it is a complete interior decoration & furnishing product with a wide variety of applications.

Did you know, it can be used for interior wall panelling, decorative panels, cladding for cabinet & wardrobe doors, internal doors & sliding doors? That’s not all…What’s more, you can use it in showcases, furniture, writing boards, and even washrooms!

And the palette of 10 contemporary colours only adds to its extra appeal. With SGG Planilaque's Opera Red Glass, everyday is a red-letter day for you…

Learn more why lacquered glass is the best fit for your home decor. 


Read more about the glass used for decorative wall panels – Planilaque – the range and applications. Discover for yourself, what makes it so red hot!

Go on, take a look and get ready to add a whole lot of colour to your interiors and life!

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