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4 Must-have design elements for your kids’ room

March 07, 2022
Last updated on August 12, 2023

The kids’ bedroom — the one space in the house that definitely needs creativity and character!

The design of your kids’ rooms has to account for all their different activities and be a multipurpose, fun environment. Thankfully, with the array of options available today, you can customise your child’s room according to your preferences.

We bring you some great styling tips to add quirky visual appeal and functionality to your kids’ room while maintaining its cool quotient!


This element is perhaps the most critical necessity of the room. Children must receive plenty of natural light in their rooms, especially since they study and play there.

Glass windows are the best way to get maximum natural light in and help your children feel connected to the outside world. We highly recommend energy-efficient windows that block out the excess heat yet provide natural illumination. To ensure maximum safety for your child, explore toughened glass options for the windows in your child’s room. They are more resistant to breakage, and even if they break, they will, into small and blunt pieces rather than shards that can cause serious injuries.

Glass windows


Children’s rooms are usually overflowing with stuff as they quickly outgrow everything. There can never be surplus storage space in the kids’ room with all the clothes, toys, games, books, and so much more!

To minimise this perpetual need for space, maximising storage is key. Having enough wardrobes is important, but it is also vital that the room doesn't look cramped. One way to ensure that is by using wardrobe shutters and storage shelves with a lacquered glass or mirror finish in the kids’ room. Glass, owing to its light reflecting properties, makes the room look more open and less cramped. The smooth glossy finish also looks extremely attractive.

wardrobe shutters


The only place where a riot of colours is acceptable is a kid’s bedroom. You can go crazy with your imagination as long as your child is happy and excited about his/her room’s design.

The perfect way to add colour without taking away from the style elements is by using lacquered glass. It can be used for wardrobe shutters, headboards and, most extensively, for wall panelling. It brings in the luxe finish of glass with the vibrancy of bright colours to your kid’s room. Saint-Gobain’s Planilaque range offers lacquered glass options in 27 colours, which means you will never run out of options to create the room of your dreams.

lacquered glass


Kids love writing, painting and expressing their imaginations on walls, making parents worry about the paint coating. There is an easy solution to this, where both parties can get what they want.

If you want to turn your walls into a fun space for kids to express and explore their creativity, go for lacquered glass wall cladding for your kids’ room. The lacquered glass provides an easy to clean, smooth surface for the kids to write and draw on. Moreover, the stunning glass finish combined with the vibrant colours of lacquered glass ensures that the style quotient in the room remains impeccable. Why hinder a child’s freedom and creativity, when you have a lacquered glass wall handy?

Additionally, installing a glass writing board can make for an excellent addition to your kids’ room. It will help them express themselves in a fun manner, which is convenient to clean. What's more, its functionality doesn't cease as they grow, and stays spotless and sturdy for years together.

Now that you have the bedroom all set up, let’s also enhance the bathroom! A fun and functional addition is a shower cubicle in your child's bathroom. This will help ensure that no matter how much your child splashes around and plays with water, all the water remains inside the wet shower area instead of spilling over to the dry area. It will help prevent any accidental slips in the bathroom and ensure that the area remains clean.

Shower cubicle

Now you know the essential elements required to design a functional and beautiful space for your child. If you want more ideas, check out the Saint-Gobain gallery for fun design inspirations.




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