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Planilaque evolution excels at xl services

June 05, 2020
Last updated on July 17, 2023

Coloured Glass for the Workspace

It is a glass that has proven its versatility time and again. From homes to hospitals, whether as a lacquered glass for malls or as a coloured glass for the work space, it has been shining bright.

Interior design is all about innovation. It is about creating a trend where there is none. It is not just about doing different things, but also about doing them differently.

And when creative interior design meets Planilaque, the result is a path-breaking example of office interiors – XL Services at Bestech Business Park in Gurgaon. It is a fine testimony of what coloured glass for the workspace can do to transform the interiors into a visual treat. Endorsed by seasoned interior designers and embraced by clients, Planilaque Evolution is helping redefine the office space into an all-new territory altogether.

A brand that has always taken the bold route, beginning right from its logo, XL Services wanted its office to be no different. So, when DSP Design Associates was called on board to design the interiors, the brief was very clear: A vibrant, vivacious office that brought alive the brand ideology.

Recognizing the fact that office spaces need to have a long shelf life, the design firm zeroed in on glass as the ideal material. And it was not just any glass that would do. Having worked with Saint-Gobain in the past, DSP Design was familiar with the innovative new offerings that are a regular feature of the Saint-Gobain stable. As a coloured glass for the work space, there could be no better choice than SGG Planilaque, what with its wide variety of 26 colours to choose from.

For XL Services, Olive Green, Extra White, Aqua Blue and Casis Purple were the shades of Planilaque that were chosen. These were the colours that were completely in sync with the brand, infusing a sense of freshness and vibrancy into the spaces. What’s more, this coloured glass for the work space could also be used as a writing board, thereby helping the team enhance their interactive exercise and collaborative experience. SGG Planilaque was used extensively for wall cladding and pillars across the office and in the cafeteria as well.

Besides its undisputed visual appeal, SGG Planilaque also scored on the functional front. It was easy to install, clean and maintain. As a glass that is resistant to moisture and scratch-proof, it was ideal for everyday use. The lacquer on one side of the glass also takes it higher on the durability plane. A green glass, not just by colour, it is lead-free and subscribes to XL Services’ philosophy of eco-friendliness.

SGG Planilaque is every designer’s delight as a coloured glass for the workspace.


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