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Conversations with the S(h)elf about Best Kitchen Shutter Material

June 05, 2020
Last updated on July 17, 2023

Most women are prone to having these imaginary conversations in their head, especially when the Husband is not willing to lend a ear. Do I wear ethnic or contemporary to the party? Shall we have Thai or Continental for dinner? And such.

So, when you are thinking of what kind of shutters your kitchen should sport, chances are that the better half would not be game for a discussion. What’s in a pane…he’s most likely to ask. And hence, your conversations with the s(h)elf go something like this:


There’s something about wood that has an old-world charm to it. Its quiet elegance is quite perfect for other areas inside the home, like the living room, study, etc. but somehow not for the kitchen, I feel.  All I can think of is how Mom used to labour around maintaining it – the polishing, the pest controlling, the works! Not to mention, the termites. I guess some other material besides wood, would be a better option.



Acrylic on Plywood/MDF:

Acrylic on Plywood/MDF is a popular alternative that many homes use. I guess the sheer variety of colours, textures and patterns makes it an attractive option. But even if I do apply acrylic on the laminates, it is highly undulated and does not guarantee a uniform finish. Moreover, it will require a special adhesive for pasting, and eventually peel off. Also, acrylic tends to get easily stained and scratched that can look totally crass. No, I need something with more class for my kitchen. Class… glass…; hey wait, how about glass?



Glass for Kitchen Shutters:

Oh yes! Why didn’t I think of glass first? It’s classy, convenient and cool! How easy it would be for me to maintain it? No scratches, no moisture-retention and totally hassle-free. And absolutely stain-free too; No ugly stains that will get stuck on the glass surface. Even if there is any dirt or grime, cleaning it would be a breeze…just a swipe and I am good to go. In fact, as easy as swiping and scrolling on my phone!

What was Nisha telling the other day about that glass company...mmm…Saint-Gobain…having glass kitchen shutters too? I remember her telling that theirs is a class apart. Not the transparent types (so Mrs. Sharma can easily copy the new crockery set that I bought) or frosted ones (so dull and colourless that nobody would even look at them)… no, no ‘lacquered’ and vibrant, coloured glass is what she told! She also said that it’s not just the glass, but the frames and accessories also come as a package. So I don’t have to run from one place to another to find the perfect match! I must call and check with her. So, glass it is for my kitchen shutters. An open and shut case; no expert opinion needed from the hubby dear either!”



Some conversations are best had with oneself. Shows who the BOSS is and who has the last word! 

Watch a short video here about benefits of using lacquered glass for kitchen shutters





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