faceboo 4 Reasons Why Toughened Glass Is the Ideal Glass for Homes

What makes Toughened Glass ideal for homes

February 22, 2021
Last updated on August 03, 2023

Toughened Glass (also called Tuffen Glass, Tough Glass and Tempered Glass) is the ideal solution for every space that demands the highest level of safety, and hence perfect for homes.


  • Toughened Glass is preferred because of the protection it offers, be it for the elderly or children, creating a safety blanket unlike normal annealed glass. 
  • What makes toughened glass the go-to choice is the sturdiness it ensures, and its capacity to not break under pressure; even if it does break, which is extremely rare, the pieces are not sharp or jagged that tend to cause serious injury. 
  • Toughened glass can also be made acoustic, allowing privacy and peace in the living space. 
  • Functional advantages aside, toughened glass is also an interior designer's delight as it enables one to add to the aesthetic value with its myriad styles.

From protection to privacy, from durability to designing options, Toughened Glass has become an integral part of homes. With homes and interior spaces opening up to new avenues and newer applications in glass, Toughened Glass adds value with its blend of aesthetic and functional advantages.

Watch a short video here on using toughened glass for The Routine




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