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Mathew and Ghosh Architects – House of Stories

January 30, 2023
Last updated on April 15, 2024

Glass in Deconstructivism

The concept of the house is as intriguing as its name. ‘House of Stories’ is designed by Mathew and Ghosh and is a house for a fiction author and a former architect. It’s not a mere house but rather a journey of experiences and surprises. It envisions the arduously promising journey of an architect turning toward a transformative writer. The pauses, escapes, niches and spaces together make the life of the house. Yet these escape spaces are individually sparsely situated symbolizing the importance of each lesson and incident on his way.

House blue print

Source: www.mathewghosh.com

The house unravelled gradually with a visual play of peek-a-boo connecting the indoors and outdoors through modulated darkness and voluminous lit atriums. It challenges the mainstream ideologies and sets the mindset of homes countering with a bold and minimal approach. Glass played a prominent role in shaping each space and corner of the house. Glass openings, skylights, railings, light inlet pauses etc. all contribute to scenes and experiences inside the house.

Glass used inside the house

Source: www.mathewghosh.com

The use of clear glass after toughening for railings and skylights enables it to connect with the sky at every moment. The glass railing over the floating steel mesh staircase curves itself and softens the visuals of the monotonous grey concrete mass. Mathew and Ghosh designs with the play of light and shadows always raise curiosity in one’s mind by not revealing the entirety of each space. The house embodies a tentative equilibrium between exuberance and simplicity.

railings & skylights

Source: www.mathewghosh.com

The entrance walk towards the heightened voluminous atrium and living room with separated slits and views of the landscape makes us wisely miss the kitchen and dining area placed next to the living area. It is merely an alcove. The master bedroom is tucked at the end of the house connected by the bridge to be another private world. The study is an extension of the room and the cosiest nook opens towards the outdoor views. The subtle tones of the room bring in the relaxed vibes in contrast to the wooden study cantilevering out almost like an escape of thoughts into a new world.


Source: www.mathewghosh.com

The use of zinc, steel, glass and concrete throughout the house keeps the materiality same yet fragmented having the capacity to connect across the space holistically. The recessed skirting on the wall and floor separate the walls from the floor and acts as a guiding visual way forward. The designed light fittings in the dining area and living room are like the cherry on the cake. The design aligns itself with the continuous horizontal grooves on walls, ceilings and floors with the same deconstructive lines and bold outlook. All the fragments of material and spaces can juxtapose the flawlessness of the architectural design sense.

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