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Wardrobe makeover with glass

June 05, 2020
Last updated on June 14, 2023

Dress up the Wardrobe!

The wardrobe has always ensured one looks their best, anytime, anyplace. Now, it’s time you did the same to the wardrobe as well…make it stand out and make a statement.

The wardrobe may be an enclosure of personal space, but that’s no reason it cannot be made elegant and exclusive. Now, you can do just that with interior design ideas in glass.  Glass & wardrobes?  Yes! Glass on a wardrobe need not necessarily equate to a mirror. Glass holds the key to completely transform the traditional wardrobe into a trendy new closet. With Saint-Gobain’s range of glass for wardrobes you can actually open the closet to a world of possibilities!

Imagine shiny geometrical patterns etched on glass. Now imagine this glass as an idea for a bedroom wardrobe design. Isn’t that a masterpiece? Well, it is Master Glass, from Saint-Gobain! It comes in five variants, so you get to come up with not one but five different types of design wardrobes.

A wardrobe is understandably a very personal place. One needs to ensure privacy and restrict visibility, yet allow ample light in. Which is precisely what the SGG Satinovo Mate is designed to do? It is a frosted, translucent glass with a satin-like appearance and perfectly suited for glass wardrobes.

For those who want a wardrobe to match the vibrant bedroom perfectly, SGG Planilaque is for them. A coloured glass, it comes in 12 attractive colours. Best suited to be the glass sliding door in the case of sliding wardrobes, Planilaque greatly enhances the look & feel of the

glass closet. What’s more, it is also eco-friendly and does not contain VOC, lead, copper, formaldehyde or arsenic. This lacquered glass is also highly durable, opaque, colour-consistent and resistant to humidity & heat.

And now for the ever omnipresent wardrobe mirror! Saint-Gobain’s Diamant Mirror brings unmatched clarity and reflection as a wardrobe glass. Besides a mirror, it can also serve to be a good wardrobe door design.

Glass wardrobes can be easily installed, cleaned and maintained. It is resistant to moisture & scratches and hence adds to the durability factor. Above all, it has a rare sophistication that surpasses other materials used for wardrobes. So, go ahead and give the wardrobe the makeover it truly deserves!




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