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Redefining Home Interiors With SGG Colormaxx Lacquered Glass

April 18, 2024
Last updated on April 30, 2024

Please note: We will be using SGG Colormaxx, SGG Colormaxx lacquered glass, Colormaxx, terms interchangeably.

Colour is a pivotal element in interior design that seamlessly blends aesthetic allure with practical functionality. Evolving from a generic template to a much more personalised experience, modern interior design celebrates individuality and tailored solutions.

The SGG Colormaxx range of lacquered glass by Saint-Gobain revolutionizes interior design with its innovative capability to precisely match any shade across the colour spectrum allowing you to transform your spaces into vibrant masterpieces with ease. Besides adding aesthetic appeal and vibrancy to any area, SGG Colormaxx lacquered glass provides users with long-lasting durability as it is available in toughened glass for added resilience.

Designing Spaces with SGG Colormaxx Lacquered Glass: A Journey into  Creativity

With numerous colour options available, customers can now personalize their spaces with any RAL colour and create several design styles.

Here are some ways to turn your spaces into truly inspiring showpieces using SGG Colormaxx lacquered glass

Elevate your Living Spaces using Lacquered Glass Accent Walls

Lacquered Glass Accent Walls

Personalize dull walls to heighten the charisma of your home. The canvas is yours with SGG Colormaxx – experiment with colours, create elaborate designs with etching and UV printing technology and make decorative accents that grab attention.

Lacquered Glass as a Backdrop for your Furniture

Furniture Design

Consider exploring lacquered glass as a subtle yet powerful backdrop for your furniture. Whether it's bookshelves, consoles, display units, seating, or any other piece of furniture, elevate its presence with the sophisticated choice of SGG Colormaxx.

Lacquered Glass to Elevate Your Kitchen

SGG Colormaxx lacquered glass

Let the kitchen in your home undergo a complete overhaul with the vibrance of lacquered glass. Not just glass shutters, dynamic and easily cleanable colourful backsplash can help complement your kitchen aesthetics.

Spruce up your furniture with Lacquered Glass Cladding

Lacquered Glass Cladding

Combine style and functionality with lacquered glass for your furniture, turning them into stunning statement pieces for any living space. Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening at home, your glass furniture will surely add a touch of style to your living space. Explore vibrant combinations with SGG Colormaxx lacquered glass.

Reinvent your Work from Home with Lacquered Glass

Experience innovation at its best by having toughened lacquered glass partitions in your home office. Discover a contemporary ambience that nurtures collaboration while respecting privacy. Be it partitions, table tops, writing boards, bookshelves or wardrobe shutters, SGG Colormaxx Dura will paint a picture-perfect work-from-home environment.

A Lacquered Glass Kaleidoscope on your Ceiling

SGG Colormaxx lacquered glass panels are a vibrant and innovative solution for creating a statement with your ceiling. Turn mundane rooms into extraordinary ones with enchanting visuals of colours and patterns with the power of lacquered glass.

Turn your Walls into Art Boards with Lacquered Glass

Colormaxx Glass

Lacquered glass can be turned into a chalkboard wall in kitchens, playrooms, or offices. Its glossy surface facilitates easy writing, erasing, and even doodling during brainstorming sessions. Consider adding a magnetic sheet behind it to create an interactive space for leaving notes or messages.

Colourful Mosaic Design on the Wall

Coloured Interior Glass

Create a dazzling mosaic effect in your living room by covering the entire wall with smaller lacquered glass in varied shapes and colours. This is an interesting and unique design idea that can make bathrooms, entryways or living rooms more attractive and charming.

Lacquered glass is an extraordinary material that allows one to embrace experimentation. It can be painted on, ornately etched/frosted or left as unadorned bare glass offering an the possibility to combine creativity and practicality in the most beautiful and innovative ways.

SGG Colormaxx - Application and Functionality Meets Style and Quality

In its production, SGG Colormaxx stands out from other back-painted glass alternatives. The use of PU lacquer guarantees superior finishing and ensures a long-lasting colour. The unique curtain coating technology ensures optimum colour depth and no bubbles or patches are formed, thereby giving a uniform finish which effectively hides the mounting surfaces. The availability in both annealed and toughened options makes it versatile for a varied range of interior design applications.

Elevate safety in high-traffic zones with SGG Colormaxx Dura, the fortified iteration of SGG Colormaxx lacquered glass range by Saint-Gobain.

Lacquered glass is cut and finished at the factory and hence can easily be installed on site which saves time, especially when used for cladding or furniture. Installation possibilities are almost limitless and include false ceilings, backlighting elements or even display showcases.

Furthermore, its energy-efficient nature conforms to sustainable design practices.

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