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Why sustainability initiatives need to be sustained in the coming years

May 27, 2020
Last updated on December 11, 2023

When it comes to sustainability, there's no such thing as the distant future; it is all about the here and now. How else can we ensure that every day of our lives is one that is healthy and happy, and not wishfully thinking about a sustainable tomorrow when it is entirely possible today?

There was a time when the focus was on creating a better world for our future generation. But now, the fact of the matter is that we need to create it right away, if we are to sustain our very own selves – such is the pressing need.

Glass has always been the clear choice when it comes to choosing an environment-friendly material for our buildings.

With every waking moment, with every daily activity, we are faced with the option to embrace sustainability.

But if we do not migrate to a eco-friendly lifestyle at the earliest, we will no longer have that option.

Thankfully, today, there is no dearth of sustainable alternatives if we choose to go the green way. Whether it is our living or working space, it is imperative that we are surrounded by energy-efficient building materials.

Glass has always been the clear choice when it comes to choosing an environment-friendly material for our buildings. With buildings contributing to nearly 40% of Greenhouse Gas emissions, materials like glass come to rescue.

So, why should you consider glass to be the ideal, sustainable building material?

  • Well, firstly, glass qualifies as an eco-friendly material by virtue of it being recyclable, causing least burden to the environment.
  • Even the manufacturing process is energy-efficient as it requires minimal amount of water.
  • And as a building material, it optimises the use of natural daylight and reduces artificial energy consumption to up to 35%.
  • This automatically results in savings on energy bills.
  • The acoustic and transparent nature of glass creates a healthy and productive environment.
  • In recent times, studies have also proved that sustainable glass has a positive impact on the cognitive functions of its occupants.

Saint-Gobain's Infinity range of glazing solutions are designed to provide energy-efficiency through a variety of applications.

Choose the highly sustainable glass range for your facades, windows, partitions, skylights, railings, staircases, canopies, doors, galleries, light shelves and interior cladding.

Each glass from the Infinity series comes with the promise of being a green product - right from the time it was produced to its use in the building. To know more about Saint-Gobain Infinity's energy-efficient glass, click here

Just as charity begins at home, sustainability too begins at home.

Let us ensure that sustainability becomes a way of life for us on a day to day basis.

A small step can go a long way and each one of our initiatives will certainly contribute to the greater good of our environment.

In the quest for a sustainable and eco-friendly life, we might just leave the world better than we found it.




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