faceboo Lacquered Glass Wall Paneling For Elegant Office Interiors

Wall panelling for office interiors

June 05, 2020
Last updated on May 29, 2023

Coloured Glass from SGG – Planilaque Black

Black. Just the colour that comes to mind when one thinks of style and sophistication. Just the colour that can make wall panelling in office interiors more elegant, more classy.

Black has a personality that is all its own; it is individualistic and inimitable. Bold, and at once beautiful, Black can fill up any space with its sheer presence. After all, what colour can do more justice to a place that is defined by authority, power and discipline?

The changing office landscape demands a fresh approach of interior design. It’s time to infuse the interiors with unconventional ideas even if the choice of colour is conventional. Use Black in a brand-new format; experiment with its diversity that is sure to bring an element of innovation to every square inch. Look beyond Black office furniture, and Wall Panelling will give an exciting new opportunity for interior decor.

Saint-Gobain’s series of Coloured glass – Planilaque – can be used for a variety of interior design ideas. SGG Planilaque Black makes for the perfect choice when it comes to Wall Panelling for office interiors. It is sleek & stylish, lending an attractive option to otherwise staid and plain wall panels. Its bright, brazen look can be teamed up with any of the sober, neutral colours in the Planilaque range, and the result can be quite out-of-the-box.

But over and above Planilaque brilliant aesthetic value, is the undisputed range of benefits it offers. A Coloured and lacquered glass, its durability comes from the lacquer on one side. It is highly hygienic, resistant to heat & moisture, besides being scratch-proof. It is an eco-friendly glass by virtue of being lead-free and containing only marginal amounts of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic. Hence, it can be safely used in the office space, with no risk whatsoever, to the health of the occupants.

So, go ahead and clad the office wall panels in Planilaque Black.




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