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Decor Tips for The First Time Homebuyer - The Magic of Glass

December 07, 2021
Last updated on August 12, 2023

As a first-time homebuyer, designing your dream home can be super exciting and a tiny bit terrifying.

Here's a quick and easy guide to help you navigate this process and get started on your home decor journey.

Pick Out a Versatile Material That Suits All Styles


versatile material


You can go in several different directions for your home decor, such as minimal, luxurious, contemporary, or traditional.

The important thing is to choose a versatile material that can act as the foundation of your decor and help bring your vision to life. One such material that we recommend is glass. From clear glass to tinted glass, mirrored fixtures, to lacquered glass cladding, there are so many different options available that you will be spoilt for choice.

The scope for integrating glass into your decor is simply endless. You can use glass in wall cladding, cabinet shutters, tabletops/cooktops, partitions, shelves, bathroom decor, and so much more. Glass provides a stunning finish, looks timelessly glamorous, and is extremely low on maintenance as well. Anchoring your home decor around the use of glass can help you maintain a degree of coherence in the diverse designs of your rooms.

Pick Durable Materials that Look Stunning


versatile material


Let's say you are designing your home and are confused about what kind of finish to choose. Ask yourself these questions: Which material will show the least signs of wear and tear? Which material will last longer and look good?

Again glass, is usually a great choice for home décor due to its durability, ease of maintenance, and of course, its elegant and luxe finish. It is long-lasting, dust-resistant, and is one of the most sustainable materials in the market. In addition, incorporating it into your home decor will make your rooms look more spacious, owing to its ability to open up compact spaces.

Since it's highly diverse, glass can be used for wall cladding, cabinet shutters, partitions, shower cubicles, and more. It is one of the materials that both looks great and offers value for money.

Magnify Your Home


kitchen design


Modern homes need to be functional. The use of glass allows you to achieve a degree of functionality in your decor that is unparalleled.

With skyrocketing real estate prices and contracting floor plans, there is an increasing need for homes to look bigger. Glass can help magnify spaces and create an extended feeling of space. Glass can also help in saving some space. For example, the use of mirrored cupboards can eliminate the need to install a separate dressing mirror in your bedroom. In interior decoration, ‘space planning’ for your home is vital in creating dedicated spaces for particular activities. Glass can be especially useful in this process. Glass partitions help create functional spaces while maintaining a degree of transparency and connectedness in your home.

Play Around with Colors For Your Décor




Picking the color palette for your house can be overwhelming, but there's a simple hack.

You can start with different shades of white like ivory or cream for the walls in your rooms, which gives you a blank canvas to work with. Then, gradually build out the color palette for each room based on your preferences.

Besides painting your walls, there are different creative ways to add color to your home. Decorative accents, trendy mirrors with colorful frames, rugs, photo frames, and other such decor items can perk up your decor and add a touch of color to your rooms.

Those were a few handy tips that should help you get started on your home decor journey. Need more ideas? You can find more design inspiration at Saint-Gobain Gallery.





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