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Lacquered glass for car showrooms!

June 05, 2020
Last updated on May 29, 2023

A Showroom is a place where a brand connects with its customers. It is imperative that the showrooms are well lit, stylish, trendy, and display the brand very aesthetically.

The showroom space should be designed considering the functional requirements like ease of maintenance, sense of space, aesthetic display, optimum lighting and view from outside, etc.

Lacquered coloured glass solutions are the newest trend in materials for showroom space design. These glasses can to be used to panel walls, pillars, display and lounge areas in modern showroom spaces. Lacquered glass adds a very trendy and stylish look due to its shimmering, glossy appearance. It comes in pleasing colors, is humidity resistant and easy to maintain.

Saint-Gobain coloured and lacquered glass , Planilaque Flame Red adorns this AUDI showrooms in Chennai, bringing it alive and helping this brand connect with its customers. The pillars, wall panels, lounges – are all done up in this brilliant hue, giving it a very sporty and trendy look.




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