faceboo 5 Reasons Why Lacquered Glass is the Best Fit for Home Decor

5 Reasons why Lacquered Glass is the best fit for your home decor

September 19, 2022
Last updated on September 01, 2023

What is lacquered glass and how is it made?

The use of glass in the course of interior design is highly popular and for good reason. Glass, in its various forms and finishes, is convenient to use and  aesthetically pleasing owing to the different themes of design that it easily gels with. There are a lot of finishes in glass that are used in the process of designing interior spaces, particularly in  homes, but the use of lacquered glass is highly popular.

Benefits of using lacquered glass in home interiors

Lacquered glass is made using colour on one side of clear glass, which is achieved by baking the layer of colour on the surface of the glass. Designer lacquered glass is generally used around the house for not just functional uses but also for the aesthetic needs of the design. There are a lot of factors that make the design of the home much more elevated with the use of lacquered glass. However, there is a misconception that a back-painted glass is lacquered glass.

coloured glass

Back-painted glass vs. Lacquered Glass

Getting the right use of lacquered glass and making the most of the type of glass is best done when you also understand the other glass variants that may be mistaken for lacquered glass. There are major differences that set apart the two kinds of glasses as below:

The Process of making lacquered glass: In lacquered glass, the coating applied to one side of the glass is baked for a stronger fusion to the glass. On the other hand, as the name suggests, back-painted glass has one of its sides painted to offer a coloured look.

The Durability: The durability of the lacquered glass is another factor that sets it apart from backpainted glass. Since the coating on the glass is baked, it adds protective value to the glass which is not possible with the back-painted glass. The glass is also resistant to humidity and scratches, which means that the aesthetics of the glass also does not get compromised on prolonged use.

The Sustainability Factor: The making of lacquered glass allows for nil Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs which helps cut down on the harmful chemicals released into the air by regular back-painted glass.

Ways to transform your home interiors with Lacquered Glass

As is seen through design visualizations as well as practical uses, there are a lot of applications and benefits of using lacquered glass in the space of home decor. When you want to get an aesthetic, functionally viable and long-lasting interior design for your house, you need to make sure that you place your trust in something reliable like lacquered glass.

Here are the top 5 ways in which you can make use of lacquered glass in the decor of a house:

wardrobe shutters



  1. Wardrobe Shutters: One of the most popular applications of lacquered glass is on the shutters of wardrobes. Using glass for wardrobes is all the rage in the present times for a lot of different reasons but most importantly because they are contemporary in their style and easy to maintain. You no longer have to settle for bulky and boring wardrobe shutters when you have the option of using Lacquered Glass Wardrobe shutters.
  2. Kitchen Cabinets: When you want your entire house to look modern and aesthetic, you can choose to stay within the theme of design and use glass for the surfaces of the kitchen shutters as well. The lacquered glass kitchen cabinets are ideal for the space because they make for easy-to-clean surfaces and you can get them in colours that suit the design of your kitchen. Lacquered glass ensures that the glass cabinet shutters are able to withstand hot environment and still remain durable. Nothing can make your kitchen look and feel as modern as the glossy lacquered glass shutter finishes.


    kitchen shutters


  3. Wall Cladding: A lot of professionals also choose lacquered glass as an alternative for wall cladding. When you want a smooth and chic wall for your premises, you can choose to opt for either white lacquered glass or black lacquered glass or any other colour that suits the rest of your décor to have a wall that is finished with the most looking cladding possible. These wall cladding ideas are ideal for spaces that tend to get messy such as homes with kids, the walls of kitchen spaces, entry passages and foyers etc.

It can be safely concluded that there are immeasurable possibilities when it comes to the use of lacquered glass in the design of a home. However, the best use of the unique glass type is best brought out when you pick the right brand.

Saint-Gobain Lacquered Glass could be exactly what you need when it is about getting home interior design right using glass. 




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