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How versatile glass works for office spaces

June 05, 2020
Last updated on May 29, 2023

The office space has evolved over the years to function as more than just a workplace. From the exteriors to the interiors, there has been a marked shift in the way different materials have found their way to transform these spaces. However, glass has always remained a constant in office buildings. What has changed though, is the way glass has adapted to align with the contemporary office of our times. Let us see what are the ways in which glass can be used in office design.

Ways to use glass in office design

  • Glass doors for creating a welcoming and open atmosphere
  • Glass partitions for demarcating spaces within an open office layout
  • Glass walls allow for natural light and a connection to the outside
  • Glass desks and tables for a modern and minimalist look
  • Glass writing boards for conference rooms and workstations
  • Glass shelves to display objects and add visual interest

Tips for incorporating glass into your office design

  • Consider the size and scale of the glass elements in relation to the space
  • Use frosted or tinted glass for privacy if needed
  • Choose high-quality, durable glass to ensure long-lasting use
  • Experiment with different shapes and styles of glass to find the right fit for your office

Benefits of using glass in office interiors

Glass is a low-maintenance material and can be easily cleaned just as easily as it can be installed. It is moisture-resistant and scratch-proof, which makes it totally fuss-free and hygienic to use. What's more, it scores high on sustainability unlike its counterparts, hence contributes to a carbon-neutral future. With the growing need to be more environmentally-conscious, materials like glass help graduate to a more responsible and sustainable world. 

The versatility of glass in office design allows for a range of possibilities to create a visually appealing and functional space. Saint-Gobain's extensive varieties of glass are here to take office interiors to another level of elegance, while ensuring that all the functional needs of the office space are duly met. Clear glass and safety glass for doors, reflective glass for windows, lacquered glass for lobbies, wall panels, pillars, cabinets and writing boards, frosted glass for partitions, so and so forth, make for an interesting and useful mix of glass for every space in the office. 

To know more on how glass can enhance office interiors, do connect with us at Saint-Gobain.




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