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Glass ideas for kitchen interiors

June 05, 2020
Last updated on September 29, 2022

The Kitchen. It’s where sweet and spice, and all things nice, co-exists peacefully. So, it’s only fair that nothing goes sour with the decor isn’t it? How about some food for thought…

Ever imagined glass in kitchens other than crockery? Well, with Saint-Gobain Glass, anything is possible! Who would have thought that glass could be used so extensively across the kitchen? From countertops to cabinets to splash backs, there’s a whole lot of possibilities that one can cook up with Saint-Gobain’s range of glass for kitchen design!

Take for instance, SGG Planilaque Evolution. A coloured and lacquered glass, it has all the ingredients to glam up the kitchen! A palette of 12 shades, no traces of VOC, lead, copper, formaldehyde or arsenic, durable, opaque, colour-consistency, resistance to humidity & heat and unparalleled longevity. Now, isn’t that the perfect recipe for a classy, glass kitchen?!

If an understated, yet elegant look, is what is required, check out SGG Satinovo Mate. It is a translucent glass and comes with a smooth and satin-like finish. Use Satinovo Mate in kitchen cabinets and add that sparkle to the modular kitchen! When so much of extra care goes into the kitchen, it is only fitting that it deserves some extra clear glass and mirrors. The kitchen display cabinets will get just that extra bit glamorous with SGG Diamant, an extra clear glass. And for that sliding door of the kitchen closet, SGG Diamant Mirror, an exclusive interior decorative glass, makes for the perfect choice.

That’s not all. To whet your appetite for interior design some more, Saint-Gobain Glass has a range of patterned glass for kitchens. These come in several geometries to add new dimensions to the kitchen design. Choose from SGG Decor glass, SGG Master Glass and SGG Baldosa Grabada for use in table tops, counter tops and partitions.

A hygienic, scratch-free and moisture-proof material, glass in kitchens can be easily cleaned and maintained. So, with all these hot interior design ideas for kitchens, get set to spice up the kitchen space!