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7 Ideas to Accentuate Furniture with Glass and Tinted Mirrors

February 05, 2024
Last updated on February 21, 2024

Glass is one of the most flexible materials that has found its place not only into the design of the building envelope but has become an inherent part of interior spaces as well. With a wide variety of offerings ranging from toughened glass to lacquered glass and tinted mirrors, glass has proven to be an exceptional companion to interior design as well as furniture.

glass table

From typical glass tables to unique consoles and shutters, let’s look into the ways in which glass proves to be both utilitarian and elevates the aesthetics of furniture to amp up a space.

Charming Console with Tinted Mirrors


Apartment - Marvel Sangria, By Tejomaya Designs

Furniture with tinted mirrors exude a one-of-its-kind style. Bringing together tints and reflections, these pieces render a glamorous visual appeal. Opt for a finely crafted console with tinted mirrors placed right at the entrance that will make your home feel plush and welcoming.

Sleek and Round Central Glass Table

img2- dwell living interiors

Source : www.dwelllivinginteriors.com

Glam up your living space with a sleek round table. An expansive round coffee table with a sleek gold frame on it’s base accentuating it’s look makes for a classy set-up. The design stays synced with the principles of minimalism adopted in modern interior decor ideas and can also boast to be a perfect companion to ethnic palettes.

Explore mirrors, tinted glass and lacquered glass here and bring your design ideas for a cost effective living room to life!

Modern TV Unit with Lacquered Glass

img3- the studio bangalore

Source: www.thestudiobangalore.com

Lacquered glass finds its application in several design elements ranging from cabinet shutters to TV units. The contemporary solution is an ideal choice as the glossy surface complements the entire setup in the new-age design setting. Be it a sleek media console or a feature back wall, lacquered glass is a great choice for your entertainment zone!

Transparency with All-Glass Dining Table

Make your dining room look even more spacious and brighter with an all-glass dining table top. The dining table is the central focal point of this room, make sure to opt for a stylish one. The transparency which comes with toughened glass adds to an elegant charm. The design can be made even more appealing by adding some vibrance with lacquered glass.

Clear Glass Floating Clear

Floating shelves composed of clear toughened glass bring minimalism to the modern kitchen. Besides keeping the design clean, glass shelves are highly functional owing to their ability to retain the openness in layout and the ease of cleaning the surface.

Lacquered Glass Shutters

Lacquered Glass

Bring a modern flair to your home interiors with lacquered glass shutters for your kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. It is the best way to add vibrancy to the space while maintaining a subdued charm. One of the major pros of adopting these shutters is that it keeps the surface scratch and stain-proof, thus retaining a fresh look always.

The Sophisticated Glass Vanity

Exude sophistication in your dressing area with an all-glass vanity. The vanity design can be enhanced with curved forms and tinted glass that hints at softness in decor. Add to the functionality of the space by placing a stand-alone mirror on a glass base that can be revolved.

Glam Up with Glass

amber interiors


The addition of glass to furniture is the best way to balance sturdiness with a bit of vibrance, transparency and reflectivity. Opting for hints of glass in modern furniture is a thoughtful choice that aids in complementing the brightness of rooms.

With innovations and designer edge offered by the variety of glass, it speaks a unique design language and knits the entire decor together.

Explore here where to buy variety of glass and tinted mirror options for your furniture design.

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