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Pick Me Up Pastels and Glass

July 02, 2022
Last updated on April 15, 2024

Pastels are ruling the design world in the current times. There are numerous elements that pastels are being incorporated in, thereby giving a pleasant and elegant feel to the space. Owing to soft tones of colours, pastels can provide neutrality of shade, which in turn compliments an array of patterns, textures, materials and colours. Colours have the power to change the ambience of the space as seen below.

Pastel Glass

Source: Saint-Gobain

Pastel colours are not only limited to wall application or upholstery but also find application in kitchen cabinet shutters, wardrobe shutters, tiles, embellishments, so on and so forth. Innovation and advancement have given us techniques that aid in giving a pleasant pastel tint to glass, metal, resin, etc. to widen the horizon for the use of pastel colours in modern home interiors. But what wonders can you create when glass itself comes in pastel colours? Innovative products such as lacquered glass, textured lacquered glass, tinted glass and especially switchable glass can be used to enhance the overall aesthetic of space with a pastel décor palette.

textured lacquered glass

Project: Magnolia II by SDG Architecture Inc.

Pastel Glass Overalls or Accents

While pastel tones can be incorporated in an array of ways to decorate the interior spaces, creating pastel or earthy accents acid-etched and tinted glass is an interesting concept. Pastel tones can be introduced using bronze mirror as focal element  and neutral tones of fabric and furnishing. The Planilaque colours offer at least 10 shades in the pastel palette. They help in imparting a clean and seamless finish to the surfaces in addition to adding a sophisticated pastel tone to the space.


Source: Saint-Gobain

Soothing Pastel Tones: Elements and Glass

With the pastel tones reigning every sphere of the design-based choices, they offer a soothing palette to incorporate a range of textures, finishes, and accessories and highlight using colour as seen in this living room.

living area

Source: Saint-Gobain

Glass is one material that complements the pastel décor palette quite well. Bring in the pastel tones of green or blue and balance them with Champagne and Gold like seen in the design of this apartment. A tasteful combination of soothing pastel tones and glass can lend a highly sophisticated look to a space.

lacquered glass

Light, Colour and tint of glass

Light and colour are two complementary factors that can do wonders in an interior space décor. The colour and texture of tinted glass can result in interesting pastel fenestration decor as the rest of the interior follows a different colour palette. Exploiting transparency levels of materials can help in creating an interesting spatial experience through nice pastel tonalities. Selection of colour, tone and texture can help in imparting a unique visual appeal at different times of the day. Such walls or corners, with a reflected pastel tone, can be strategically designed to enhance a space.

tinted glass

Project – Excelsior Bayside Cottage by TEA2 Architects

Glass Elements

A nice pastel shade along with an interesting texture can take the usage of glass to the next level. Colored glass panels, in interior design, find use as backsplashes, wall backdrops, partitions, doors, shutters for wardrobes and cabinets too. With the technology in place, a space can efficiently incorporate glass as a complimenting element to its decor.

The sky is the limit when it comes to exploring the possibilities of employing glass in space design. Interesting mood boards can result from pairing up soothing pastels with versatile glass. This composition looks into a few possibilities of creating intriguing idea boards by combining glass and pastel shades in various permutations and combinations. Glass as a material is finding uses in diverse segments of the decor industry. In conjunction with pastel palette, glass can result in imparting an elegant and chic language to a space.

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