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9 ideas that can liven up your home this festive season

June 05, 2020
Last updated on June 19, 2023

With festivals coming up one after the other, you are sure to be on your toes to get the house in order. From decluttering to decorating, the festive season serves up a plethora of reasons to give your home that long-due makeover! Here are 9 ideas that can liven up your home, and bring alive the creativity in you:

  1. Fix a theme

Fixing a theme around which you will go about your home decor quite simply makes the task simple. The theme, by itself, need not be anything fancy. It could be something as simple as choosing a colour, a style or just the festive spirit. By co-ordinating / complementing, the entire home would demonstrate a well-put-together cohesive piece instead of a haphazard, hurried attempt.


fix a theme


  1. Spruce up the space

Sprucing up a space often means less is more. Cut down on the clutter and make minimal the mantra. Decorating spaces does not necessarily tantamount to hoarding up on decor accents that make your home look like a museum. Keep it simple, classy and elegant.




Tip: Use glass generously across the home; Glass has the ability to make spaces appear larger than they actually are.


  1. Bring colour to life

Colours and festivals are but two sides of the same coin. Not for nothing, are festivals said to be colourful, isn't it? Throw the dull and drab out of the window and bring home some colour. If you have fixed the theme based on colour, even better. It will be easier to deck up the home and enable it to exude its own personality.

Tip: Lacquered glass can add colour permanently in your home. You can use it in applications like wall panels, wardrobes, kitchen splashbacks and shutters, etc. to add aesthetic and functional value.




  1. Light up the nights

It's that time of the year that is truly lit! Bring on all the lights that you might possibly have – earthen/LED diyas, candles, tea-lights, fairy lights and what-have-you! Placing lights in attractive and bright glassware amplifies the home like none other during the nights. Yes, nothing better to get the ambience amped up than lights done right!

Tip: Placing mirrors strategically can help brighten the spaces even more in a well-lit home.


light up


light up


  1. Infuse fragrance

Yes, a home should look good, but it ought to smell better. Imagine walking into a home that looks straight out of an interior designing magazine, but does not emanate a pleasant fragrance? Thankfully, there are plenty of options that diffuse bad odour out of your home and keep it smelling fresh all day long. From essential oil diffusers to scented candles, from fresheners to fragrance potpourris, tickling your senses is just a whiff away.


Infuse fragrance


  1. Find fresh flowers

If artificial fragrance is not for you, it's time to find some fresh flowers. Sometimes, all you need is a bouquet of roses or a bunch of marigolds to get your home smelling sweet any time of the day. Fresh flowers not only help with the fragrance factor, they also make the home bright and vibrant to look at. Going a step forward, you can even choose different flowers for different days of the festival in line with the theme you have fixed!


find fresh flowers


  1. Get the green in

Festivals are a time to be thankful for the many blessings that Nature endows us with. Perhaps it's time to repay some of them by being more sensitive to the environment around us. Plant more trees outside and get a bit of green inside as well. From potted plants to setting up a small kitchen garden, there's a lot you can do to twiddle that green thumb.


get the green


Did you know?: Glass is green too! Glass is devoid of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and can help you stay eco-friendly and healthy.


  1. Support local crafts

Handicrafts are a haven for home decor. And more so, when festivities are in the air. Suddenly, the markets are flooded with colourful, eye-catching pieces that are far too tempting to resist. So, just give in to temptation and buy those intricately crafted beauties right away! By doing so, not only are you going to be making your home more beautiful, but more importantly, contributing to keeping local craftsmanship alive and kicking.


support local crafts


  1. Indulge in DIYs

When you are doing up your home, there's nothing like adding a personal touch and creating your own piece of art. Because home decor does not always have to be investing in expensive souvenirs picked from extensive travels. It could simply come from indulging in some DIY! Just give your imagination some wings to soar, recycle waste into wealth and be your own interior designer!


indulge in DIYS


Tip: Glass works as a versatile material for art. Give that window a new lease of life with glass painting and watch it transform into a masterpiece!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and give your home the festive feel it deserves...




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