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3 Creative Uses of Glass Decor in Bedroom and Living Room

July 25, 2022
Last updated on February 06, 2024

Decorating your home is a very personal experience. The items you choose to put in your home will have an impact on your everyday life, so you want to make sure you choose pieces you love.

While every area of your home deserves attention while decorating, there are two spaces in particular that you should focus on - the bedroom and the living room. You spend a lot of time in these spaces, so they should reflect your personality and make you happy.

When selecting decor for these spaces, you want to choose pieces that will add visual interest and character. Glass decor is a great way to create an interesting space and infuse life into your home.

Read on to learn about creative ways to use glass decor in bedrooms and living rooms.

Hang Decorative Mirrors

One of the most common ways to use glass in interior design is to hang decorative mirrors. Mirrors are often seen as utilitarian objects - a place to check your hair and makeup - but they can do so much to enhance the spaces in your home.

Hanging mirrors is a great way to make your space look bigger and brighter. Mirrors will reflect the light in your space, creating a stunning visual effect.

Mirrors are available in several shapes and sizes, so you can choose one or several that you love. This is a great way to infuse your personality into both your bedroom and living room.


Add Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great way to make a statement in your space. Most people would use paint or wallpaper to create an accent wall, but why not try glass instead?

An accent wall made from lacquered glass would be a wonderful addition to either your bedroom or your living room. Choose a vibrant color interior glass to complement the rest of your decor or go with a unique pattern to create a stunning visual effect.

lacquered glass

Add Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are a great way to create defined spaces in your home while still maintaining an open feeling. They can be used to create a private area within a space or to separate spaces based on how they are used.

In the bedroom, a glass partition can be used to separate an ensuite bathroom or a walk-in closet from the rest of the space. Consider using tinted glass for these partitions for extra privacy.

In the living room, glass partitions can be used to define your space in many different ways. You can use a partition to separate your entryway from the rest of the space. Or, if you work from home and don't have an office, consider adding a partition to create a workspace in your living room.

glass partition

Where to Find Glass Decor

If you've been inspired to add more glass decor into your home, Saint-Gobain glass is a great place to start. In business for over 350+ years, this company knows glass.

For more ideas, take a look at some of the projects that Saint-Gobain has completed, and then get started decorating!




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