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The magic of mirrors: How mirrors can brighten up your home

January 17, 2022
Last updated on April 15, 2024

Who doesn’t love a mirror? Like cockatiels, we like to stare at our reflection and ponder over the wonder that humans are. But mirrors need not be limited to your bedroom or bathroom or your dressing room. Allow a mirror to reflect the spaces around your home, and like humans, your home too will be happier for it.

A mirror is a glass that is made just a little more magical by spraying a delicate layer of silver or aluminium behind it, so it is no wonder that mirrors and glass together can work wonders for design. Incorporating mirrors strategically in your home interiors can completely transform the space.


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Brighten your living room with a mirror

Mirrors can help amplify the natural light filtering into your house. If your living room window faces north or west, or a newly-built skyscraper is blocking the sun, you might not get enough sunlight throughout the day. One option is to have larger windows to let in more light. But if that is not possible, or is not enough, don’t turn to artificial lighting just yet!

Place a mirror on the wall in a way that reflects the sunlight coming in, to make the room look brighter. You can also use glossy laminates and mirrors on showpieces, etc, to achieve a similar effect. Just be careful not to place a mirror reflecting harsh, direct sunlight, or you’ll end up with a burn hole in your carpet.



Create an illusion of spacious rooms

Small rooms need not look small. A mirror will reflect the space, thus creating a visual illusion of a bigger space. Use light colours and soft textures for the furniture and furnishings to create a brighter and cosier space.


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Bedazzle your walls with mirror art

Mirrors can take on many forms, further enhancing the magic of the reflective glass. As explored in Saint-Gobain’s mirror art line, mirrors can completely change the experience of your space by acting as accent pieces in different forms and shapes. These modular elements can also be composed in a unique manner to create a one-of-a-kind accent for your home.


©Saint-Gobain Mirror Art -The Silhouette

Give your furniture a new look by using mirrors as finishings

Nothing screams contemporary, elegant and modern, like mirror finishes on furniture. Give your room a sleek look by cladding your sofa sides, or table fronts with mirrors, supported by either wood for a warmer feel, or steel for a more modern aesthetic. While this is more prominently seen in office or commercial interiors, the same logic will enliven residential interiors as well.



Complement your mirrors

While you’re usually on the receiving end of compliments from the mirror, be on the other side for once. Using mirrors in residential interiors is always a good idea, but the rest of the design has to complement it. Don’t go overboard with the shiny surfaces, and have enough matte surfaces to create a balance.

Be careful with the placement of mirrors, and always ensure that they are also giving enough privacy to the reflected spaces.

Use softer furnishings for a more homely feel, and glossier furnishings for a livelier, contemporary feel. Use mirrors to accentuate the existing decor.

With advancement in technology, even mirrors are becoming smart mirrors.

Products like those from the Saint-Gobain Aspira line combine aesthetics and functionality beautifully to provide the perfect reflection of your persona in your home. Play around with glass and mirrors to create an ethereal experience for your house, and your home will surely be the brightest, and fairest of them all.

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