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Open your mind to the trendy coloured glass

June 05, 2020
Last updated on May 29, 2023

Interior designing is going places with new age products. If you are an interior designer or have a passion for contemporary interiors, then read on to see how the next generation of lacquered glass or coloured glass from Saint-Gobain is going to take interior designing to the next level.

Glass is sophisticated, hugely adaptable-you can cut it to shapes, etch on it, have exciting colours to choose from, at the same time not worry about durability.

Planilaque from Saint-Gobain is one such product which has opened newer avenues for interior designers. It has transformed offices and homes like never before – giving spaces an air of style and sophistication which no other medium can offer.

It is a lacquered glass which comes in a range of attractive colours and can be used for various applications like wall paneling, kitchen splash backs, furniture, tabletops etc.

Platinum grey for example can be used in offices, for paneling of partitions. The partitions are no more going to be boring and ordinary. You can give them a sophisticated look with the Platinum Grey partition paneling.

Take the case of Opera red, red stands for energy and freshness. Power and passion. How about designing a lively GYM with the opera red wall panel. Give the interiors more energy and class. After all, this is a place to kick some old habits.

Or take the case of Royal blue for kitchen splash backs. It gives your kitchen special energy and freshness. Create the blue magic.

When you think of it, the possibilities are endless. You can etch on it. You can create a mosaic pattern. You can make kitchens look stunning, modern and different. All you need to do, is to open your mind! The colours range from Opera Red to Mint Blue to Almond Green to Amazing Aqua to Ivory White or even classy sophisticated-White!

Planilaque unites the beauty of coloured lacquer with the brilliance of glass. It is opaque. Gives you the touch of class with its Glass and Gloss effect. What's more ! Planilaque is lead-free, copper-free and arsenic-free. It is humidity-resistant. So easy to install and maintain. You can choose the thickness- 4mm, 6mm or 8mm.

Planilaque is the new age coloured glass and is the choice of designers who want to be different. The possibilities are endless. Open your mind to glass and PLANILAQUE.

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