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Benefits of solar control glass

July 27, 2020
Last updated on May 30, 2023

Installing decorative glass in home and office decor is gaining popularity because it is among the easiest ways to brighten each corner of the living space. Enhancing the ambience of the interiors also helps elevating the mood of the occupants.

However, in tropical countries like India, where peak heat is ever prevalent, using decorative glass for the interiors and exteriors can be a challenge as ordinary glass can pass 80% of light, heat, and UV radiation. But modern home decor technologies have found an effective solution to this problem - solar control glass for interior design.

A solar control glass solution helps to maintain optimal temperature inside the living space during hot summers and cold winters. It also comes with a host of other advantages, that make it an ideal glazing solution.

This blog is an attempt to give you comprehensive information on solar control glass.

What is solar control glass?

Solar control glass is a double or triple-glazed glass with a metal oxide coating on the inner face of the external glass unit. The metal oxide's special coating on glass reflects the sun's maximum UV rays as well as the unbearable heat by allowing natural light to pass through.

Because of its reflecting property, solar control glass is also called reflective glass, which is capable of maintaining more natural light and a pleasant indoor environment.

Solar control glass vs Ordinary glass

Solar Control Glass Ordinary Glass
Solar control glasses are designed to block ultraviolet radiation and reduce heat loss using their reflection property. Ordinary glasses do not withhold UV reflection properties. They are normally used to enhance the look and feel of home decor.
These metal oxide-coated glasses reduce heat and distribute natural sunlight in each corner. They may distribute excessive sunlight that can cause unbearable room temperatures.
Solar control glasses ensure privacy, thus not requiring blinds or curtains. These mandate curtains or blinds, as they do not ensure privacy.
These glasses can be used for various interior design projects by keeping project cost minimum. Installing ordinary glasses may be costly and require frequent maintenance, which may cost a lot in the long term.

How does solar control glass work?

Solar control glasses, also known as solar or reflective glass, are designed to reduce the heat entering the interiors. An internal portion of the external glass unit is coated with a special metal oxide solution to reflect and absorb the outdoor heat and filter the UV rays to ensure minimum glare.

In short, whenever sunlight hits the reflective glass, it first reflects and absorbs the UV rays and filters out the light that passes through it. Therefore, it not only cuts down the heat but also allows ample daylight.

Benefits and advantages of solar control glass

1. Minimize the use of air-conditioners

Because solar control glass restricts the transmission of heat and ensuring optimum temperature, the dependence on air-conditioners is substantially reduced.

2. Minimum operating cost

The operating cost of normal glass is higher compared to reflective glass which are double or triple glazed, making them durable in home decor.

3. Filter out UV rays

A special metal oxide coating protects you from harmful UV rays, therefore creating a safe indoor environment.

4. Protect furnishing from fading

The UV rays can easily affect the colors and sheen of your home furnishings. But by blocking them through solar control glass, you can preserve them for a longer time.

5. Reduce sunlight glare

These specially coated glasses filter the unfavourable sunlight glare, which can cause headaches and eye infections. But reflective glass for the interiors can help do away with such issues.

Different types of solar control glasses from Saint-Gobain

1. Sun Ban

Saint-Gobain Sun Ban solar control glass features a special pyrolytic coated glass which maintains optimum daylight, reduces ultraviolet radiation, and reflects outdoor heat by 70%. This reflective glass type provides a pleasant indoor temperature without being affected by outdoor heat.

2. Thermal insulation glass

Thermal insulation glass is another type of reflective glass manufactured by combining two or more pieces of glass and is sealed to look like a single unit. These glasses are designed to reduce heat loss while allowing light transmission, so there is a pleasant indoor temperature without switching to an air-conditioner. Moreover, thermal insulation glass can be paired with a range of glass that can be ideal for every type of home decor.

Applications of solar control glass or reflective glass

1. Facade

Solar control glass can be used for designing the facade of residential buildings. It is a convenient and cost-effective method that provides a modern look and feel to the interiors and exteriors. Whatever may be the type of facade design, these glasses can easily be configured as per interior design's requirement.

2. Glass windows

Reflective glasses are suitable for glass windows, roof-lights, and even pocket doors, as they allow natural light to enter the living area after reflecting or absorbing outdoor heat and UV rays. These glasses are available in many types, which make them ideal for a range of home decor projects. They can even get fitted in residential buildings' glass windows without affecting the look and feel of the interiors.

3. Commercial complexes

Commercial buildings such as hotels, towers, and shopping malls can incorporate solar control glass to make the interiors and exteriors look aesthetic. These small to large-size reflective glass units get easily paired with each other in different styles and color combinations to give an ambient environment. These glasses are cost-effective to install and can be employed to design skylights, roofs, windows, and other parts of commercial buildings. Moreover, solar control glass maintains comfortable indoor temperature and adequately disperses light, ensuring significant long-term cost savings.

Visit our project showcase page; you will find a list of solar control glass installation projects for residential buildings, private villas, and commercial complexes. That will help you understand how you can use reflective glass to make your interior design visually more appealing, while being functional at the same time.

Feel free to connect with our team to get the best-in-class glass glazing solution that meets your interior design expectations.




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