faceboo 8 Major Benefits of Solar Control Glass

Benefits of solar control glass

July 27, 2020

Ordinary glass allows nearly 80% of visible light, heat and ultraviolet radiation to pass through without being absorbed or reflected. This results in soaring energy costs and discomfort for the building's occupants.

Reflective glass on the other hand allows optimum natural daylight through, thereby improving occupants' health and well-being. It also reduces the energy used in artificial lighting, resulting in significant savings in electricity costs and also block UV-rays. 

These are some of the other advantages of Solar Control Glass commonly known as reflective glass.


Cuts the Heat from the Sun




The lower solar factor of Solar Control Glass cuts down on the heat transmission and helps prevent the interiors from heating up.


Keeps the Interior Cooler



Because of lower heat transmission, your interiors are comparatively cooler, and does not require you to switch on the AC all through the day. This saves you energy and lets you stay cool.


Reduces Usage of Air Conditioner


reduce usage

Since the interiors are cool and you do not have necessity to continuously run the Air Conditioning, you have a slot on power consumption.


Lowers Operating Cost


lower operating cost

The running cost over a period of the year for a normal clear glass is higher much when compared to that of Solar Control Glass


Protects from Harmful Ultra-violet Rays



Reflective glass's high performance metal oxide coating protects you from harmful UV rays giving you sign an extra cover to maintain natural glow and smoothness.


Protects Curtains and Furnishings from Fading



Blocking of UV-Rays helps in maintaining the colours and the sheen of your furnishings, including curtains, sofa linen and screens from wearing out due to prolonged exposure to sun's harmful uv-rays.


Reduces Glare from the Sun


reduce glare

The high performance metal oxide coating on the glass filters uncomfortable glare from the sun, giving you natural light and making you feel comfortable throughout the day.


Allows Optimum Light Transmission


allows optimum

The high performance metal oxide coating on the glass allows higher light transmission providing you natural lighting,saving you money on artificial lighting costs during the day.


Sun Ban from Saint Gobain is a best-in-class range of Solar Control Glass for residences which is designed especially for windows of all kinds. It can also be used for staircase glazings, facades and balconies.