faceboo NX One, Greater Noida West uses SGG Evolite, Solar Control Glass

NX One

NX One by the DAH Green Tech Group, is a RERA-certified project offering a combination of office space, shops and apartments. Sprawled over 25 acres, it is the first and only Mixed Land use Township in Noida Extension. Strategically located at Greater Noida West, it enjoys excellent connectivity to Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad.

The residential arm of NX One is known as 'NX Avenue' and features 2BHK apartments accompanied by a suite of amenities including a club house. The commercial space 'NX Byte' comprises office spaces and NX One Mall encompasses retail shops. Situated hardly 400 meters away from the nearest upcoming metro station, the NX One office space caters to the needs of those requiring a premium office complex with a suite of outstanding amenities.

Offering a seamless combination of residences, offices and mall, NX One aims to provide every conceivable facility within the vicinity. TThe open layout on either sides is designed to ensure optimum light and ventilation. This gated community is 4-Star Pre-certified by GRIHA, demonstrating the fact that the buildings are constructed keeping in mind energy-efficient and environmental-friendly practices. Aiding to this, is the use of Saint-Gobain glass, with the variants SGG Evolite Blue & SGG Envision Magma for the commercial spaces and SGG Blue Ray for the residential.

SGG Evolite is a superior solar control and thermal insulation glass ideal for single glazing application. A sustainable glass, it is designed to be in conformance to green building standard requirements. It is manufactured by the state-of-the-art Magnetron Sputtering process in which a nano-coating is applied on the glass in a vacuum environment. SGG Evolite has relatively low internal reflection and high light transmission.

SGG Envision Magma is an advanced solar control and thermal insulation glass - double silvered Low-E product with high spectral selectivity (light-heat ratio). It is a premium product belonging to the Infinity range. SGG Envision is an advanced coated glass manufactured by the state-of-art magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions. It has a high value of spectral selectivity, optimum light transmission, low solar factor and a low U-value. A highly energy-efficient glass satisfying green building norms, SGG Envision is ideal for use in Double/ Insulated Glazed Units.

SGG Blue Ray is part of Sun Ban from Saint-Gobain, a best-in-class range of Solar Control Glass for residences. It allows optimum daylight to pass through but cuts radiation and reflects away up to 70% of heat. This special pyrolytic coated glass provides superior UV protection while ensuring the indoor temperature remains unaffected or stays lower to outdoor temperature, compared to normal clear glass. It cuts down glare and is ideal for the Indian climatic conditions.

With the prudent use of best-in-class energy-efficient glass from Saint-Gobain, NX One is demonstrating how commercial, retail and residential spaces can be aesthetic, functional and Sustainable, at all once.

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