faceboo A Piece of Glass: How glass can help you create a serene bedroom space

A piece of glass: how glass can help you create a serene bedroom space

June 06, 2022
Last updated on April 15, 2024

A bedroom is a personal sanctuary, a haven for humans from the outside world. It reflects our personality, our inspirations, and our aspirations. Thus, it is only fitting that we treat bedroom decor with the utmost care and innovation. And one material that can help you elevate your bedroom aesthetic is glass.

The versatile material can be incorporated in many ways and forms. Glass can mold the light as a pretty lampshade or restrict its entry at the window. It can brighten up a room as accent pieces or add a subtle glow as lacquered cladding. Tinted, frosted, etched, lacquered; the variety and possibilities are endless. 

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Let in the light while maintaining privacy with a clerestory

A clerestory is a high-level window that allows light and ventilation to grace the space while protecting the room from prying eyes. A simple transparent or frosted glass shutter can add an old-world charm to your bedroom. Or, if you want something truly unique, use shutters fitted with lacquered or tinted glass with your clerestory, and watch the light filter in transforming your bedroom into an ethereal space.

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Brighten your bedroom with mirror art

The Peshwas had the right idea when they were building the Arsa Mahal at Shaniwarwada. Artfully placed mirrors on the walls can brighten up the room while being a beautiful decor element. While covering the entire bedroom in mirrors is neither practical nor the best solution for a modern look; tasteful mirror art, as demonstrated by the likes of SGG Aspira, can prove to be the perfect whimsical solution for the contemporary bedroom.


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Add a touch of elegance with glass partitions

Glass partitions between the attached bathroom and bedroom are a staple of modern interior design. Since both spaces are extremely private, adding a glass wall between the two won’t pose any security concerns but will rather, add to the elegance of the room. A seamless transition between the bathroom and bedroom will create the illusion of a larger space. Go for the bold choice, and witness the beauty of the modern aesthetic come alive in your bedroom.

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Experiment with glass wall paneling

Modern bedrooms need modern decor. Add a flair to your room by cladding your walls with glass paneling like the SGG Planilaque. Available in different colors, glass cladding can add a shine to your walls, and brightness to your bedroom. Being easier to clean and maintain is an added advantage.

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Witness the charm of glass lampshades and accent pieces

Glass and light are like food and spice; they make each other better. Play around with the light in your room with glass lampshades, and usher in a beautiful chiaroscuro in the evenings. Glass vases or other small decor items can add sparkle into your bedroom, and the happiness it brings, will add a sparkle to your eyes.

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With the increasing popularity of the Work From Home model, the time we spend in our bedrooms has also increased. Space design immensely affects our mood, productivity, and other aspects of life. By incorporating these small changes, we can ensure that the space around us nurtures us. And by adding glass in its various forms, we can create a peaceful and serene bedroom space that is truly a haven.

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