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Glass partitions and their applications in your home

April 26, 2022
Last updated on April 15, 2024

glass partition

© A flat in Mumbai designed by MuseLAB, Photo by Sameer Tawde

Glass as a material is gaining nods from many interior designers for its sleek design, easy installation and even easier maintenance. In contemporary designs, these qualities of glass allow designers to create minimalist spaces with ease while exploring and enhancing them in unique ways as opposed to using the conventional partition walls.

Using glass partitions in between spaces helps us subtly define the areas according to their usage. It can offer an unobstructed view around the home, creating an illusion of a larger space. How a glass partition wall influences its space depends on the area of application, type of installation, the type of glass used, its texture and transparency.

glass partitions

© Mumbai Apartment designed by Nelly Prodan Design; Photo by Yevhenii Avramenko

Type of glass installation

A sliding or folding partition can completely open up and merge two spaces into one. The glass can be framed in smaller panels or can be a single full-height toughened glass partition. While float or toughened glass is used in most partition wall designs, the grade of glass differs sometimes as per the area or room it divides. Glass is highly customizable, and is also available in curved shapes.

Keep the partition trendy

decorative glass

© Gargi Phondekar

Nowadays, combined living and dining areas are a common feature in many apartment designs. A playfully patterned partition between the two accentuates this separation without compromising on our line of vision. When combining two materials for a partition, generally a clear or tinted glass looks better in an abstract pattern, while a textured or decorative glass stands out when viewed in larger panels.

Type of glass partitions

While clear glass is recommended for an unobstructed view, textured glass, like the Saint-Gobain Masterglass, is perfect to achieve privacy wherever desired. Decorative glasses like Fabric laminated, Ceramic fritted or Tinted glass are perfect for creating a stunning accent wall for your homes!

tinted glass

© Anansi Imaging. A home in Bangalore designed by 1LeapingFrog Studio

Portions of glass in wooden or other opaque partitions add lightness and break the monotony with transparency and texture. Glass being highly customizable, can be designed to fit in any shape.

Thickness of glass partitions

There are various types of glass available in the market, in varying thicknesses. The thickness required depends on the area of application and panel size required. For a full-height partition that requires a larger panel size, toughened glass of 10mm to 12mm thickness is preferred. Float glass of 8mm to 10mm is also considered if the panel size is small, usually in combination with metal or wood framing.

Let the walls talk with textures

toughened glass

©Nolan Everitt

We can achieve any desired pattern and texture in smaller panels of glass: keeping it tinted in a quirky colour, using sandblasted glass, or by adding a pattern with elegant etching. A combination of bevelled glass with decorative framing can impart a vintage appearance while creating different patterns in design and transparency. In cases where the glass is being used in larger panels, toughened glass is also suitable.

Create comfortable work from home zones

acoustic glass

© Max Vakhtbovych

Working from home has become the new normal. It is important to create the right atmosphere which is bright and inviting, while offering the privacy needed for focused work. For offices, full height framed partitions with Acoustic glass can greatly reduce the noise transmission. Frosted or etched glass helps to maintain an illuminated office space while ensuring privacy.

Laminated glass, presenting a lot of strength, can also be used in interiors as staircase treads or railing.

glass staircase


Less space, more utility

Partition walls in bathrooms are usually etched or frosted to ensure that light passes through while some privacy is maintained. In bathrooms and adjoining areas, self-cleaning glass is often preferred for the ease of maintenance, and is usually frameless, fixed in position with D-glass clamps.

Because of its sleek design, a correctly positioned glass partition can also replace any non-load bearing wall, thereby increasing the usable area. For bathroom walls too, lacquered glass, like the SGG Planilaque range, adds vibrant colour and is humidity resistant and hence durable.

lacquered glass

© Max Vakhtbovych

Create Accent walls

Because of its versatile properties encompassing both transparency and reflectivity, glass partitions can be innovatively combined with decorative lighting features. Be it a divider or a separating wall, glass partitions can also feature as the accent wall in your living room.

Textured Glass panels, as well as tinted glass partitions, interact very well with lighting, becoming the focus in any space. Lacquered glass offers a great variety of colour shades and textures. The glossy appearance and aesthetic colour palette of SGG MasterSoft COLOR-IT will add glamour to the entire room!

Robert Denning once said that ‘Texture and pattern should function as a surprise’. Available in a range of colours, textures and patterns, glass partitions can wonderfully spice up your homes in different ways.

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