faceboo Create an Ambience with Patterned Glass in Your Washroom

Glamour ambience in washrooms

June 05, 2020
Last updated on July 12, 2023

SGG Baldosa Grabada – Showering new ideas with patterned shower cubicles

The washroom offers innovative new ways for the use of glass. Look beyond clear glass, and one can bring a whole lot of creativity with patterned glass.

Ideal for use as privacy glass in washroom shower screens, it has all it takes to make the bathroom aesthetically appealing.

Saint-Gobain Glass has a specially designed patterned glass – SGG Baldosa Grabada – which is perfectly suited for washroom interiors. Its designer finish, prints and patterns help to impart shower screens a touch of elegance while retaining privacy.

SGG Baldosa Grabada comes from Saint-Gobain’s Decor glass series in 19 mm thickness. Thanks to its optimal thickness, it has a good mechanical strength and is sturdy for use in shower screens. Due to its mechanical properties, this patterned glass is ideal in spaces where opaque material is normally used. Because of its superior light transmission, it gives a larger sense of space as well.

Besides the functional aspects, SGG Baldosa Grabada brings a glamorous ambiance to the washrooms. As a patterned glass, it is at once elegant and stylish. Choose from various patterns and get one that is just perfect to go with the rest of the washroom decor.

When it comes to installing SGG Baldosa Grabada, caution must be ensured to avoid bringing it in direct contact with heat. The strength of the support must also be taken into account when calculating the size of the panels.

Patterned glass for washrooms is a bright new way to bring an element of design to shower screens. It is not just attractive to look at, but also gives enough room for privacy.





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