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Enliven your living room with glass

February 28, 2022
Last updated on April 15, 2024

living room

The living room is rightly considered the heart of the house, a place where people, stories, and their everyday life come together. By the nature of its function and prominence in a household, it has to be a warm, comfortable and livable area.

How can this prominent area be designed as a lively space catering to the different occupants of the house then?

It is in the domain of the interior design that this task relies on, which by the use of engaging hues, textures, materials, furniture, and decor accomplishes it.

Glass is the design world’s new favorite when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a home. The availability of diverse thickness, design, colors, textures, ease of maintenance, and longevity have made it highly suitable for residential spaces.

Moreover, the varied unique permutations and combinations it creates give it an edge over conventional materials. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that we were literally cut off from the physical outside world and confined to the sanctuary of our homes.

Glass in this scenario of indoor living helps bring in views and the outside, direct/indirect light for hygiene, and creates airy spaces. The mental health of occupants could also benefit by staying in such an interior rather than complete envelope setups. By virtue of its versatility, glass can be the breath of fresh air that enlivens the living room.

Consider glass walls connecting the inside and outside

Glass Wall

Modern glazing techniques have opened up new avenues to create frameless panel glass walls that are durable and energy-efficient. The primary function of glass walls is to give a feeling of horizontal continuity that is necessary for our living rooms. While windows provide a framed view of external features, frameless and spacious glass walls grant the impression that an interior space expands beyond its actual bounds. The use of glass walls to create a backdrop also adds a practical element, as sliding doors allow for seamless access to outside areas such as patios and gardens.

Watch video about a home in Ahmedabad with glass walls

Incorporate glass partitions in the interiors

glass partition

One of the ardent desires in living room design is the need for more space. Along with this is the dilemma - how can one create formal and informal living areas in an extended living room space? In the case of open floor plan designs, how can one create living and dining rooms as extensions of one another while also being separated? The answer to these dilemmas lies in glass wall partitions. Instead of using solid dividers, clear or textured glass partitions provide clear definitions to the different areas while retaining the spaciousness of a room. The visual continuity maintained by glass partitions and the creative utilization of different colors and textures can brighten up any living space. 

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Include clear glass railings

glass staircase

Staircases are an important aspect of house décor because of the amount of space they take up. The use of Glass railings over conventional materials is both an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to a stairway. The incorporation of clear or textured glass has the potential to change the mundane staircase into a contemporary design element while also enlivening the living room space.

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Consider glass wall panelling for accents – lacquered glass to brighten up your space

Glass wall Paneling

Wallpapers have long dominated living room wall décor, but glass wall panels created using lacquered glass-like SGG Planilaque provide an opportunity to create a vibrant and creative interior design. The variety of textures and designs available can be molded to suit individual aesthetics and themes. These walls can then be used as central statement pieces around which the living room can be arranged. Cladded glass wall panels can also be used to accentuate TV units and cabinets in the lounge and living room areas.

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Wall Paneling

Introduce mirror art as wall adornments


Mirrors are an excellent method to enliven rooms by adding light, depth, and playful reflections to the interiors. Accent mirrors as wall adornments act as statement art pieces and provide a focal point in the space. Blank wall spaces can be accentuated by beautifully crafted mirrors in contemporary or antique styles. Moreover, they can be designed in mosaic patterns to provide dynamism to otherwise bland spaces. These spaces can be further highlighted by the use of lighting fixtures or chandeliers to create beautiful reflections. Mirrors also function as large reflective surfaces that create the illusion of more space.

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Apart from this glass can be used in statement furniture pieces such as unique coffee tables that command attention. Tabletops finished with clear or mirrored glass give the living room a fresh and interesting look, as coffee tables are usually the focal points of living room design. The unique attributes of glass added to the diversity of its application can certainly liven up any living room and transform it into a truly engaging space.

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