faceboo Benefits of Using Sun Ban Glass for UPVC Windows

Glass for UPVC windows

June 06, 2020
Last updated on June 20, 2023

SUN-BAN Glass from Saint-Gobain

Electricity consumption, as we all know, is largely in one of two sectors – domestic or commercial. And in the residential segment, as much as 75% to 80% of the consumption is mainly attributed to lighting and air-conditioning. To reduce the operational cost of lighting and cooling, glass is being increasingly used. In fact, the trend is moving towards UPVC Windows owing to the range of advantages they offer in terms of strength, longevity, weather resistance, etc.

Typically, a window is expected to meet basic criteria like aesthetics, sound insulation, safety, freedom of sizes and heat insulation. These parameters are amply met by the Sun-ban Glass from Saint-Gobain. This glass is a customized solution for residential buildings and is highly ideal for UPVC Windows.

The Sun-Ban Glass for UPVC Windows brings home the advantages of freedom from heat, freedom from mounting energy bills, freedom from non-aesthetic façades freedom from glare and freedom from UV Radiation. It helps in cutting the heat, keeping the interiors cool, while reducing the cooling requirements as well as costs. It allows the penetration of natural light during the daytime, thereby negating the use for artificial lighting. It contributes to better interiors by focussing on occupant comfort, protecting them from UV Rays and maintaining unmatched aesthetics. This variant of Saint-Gobain Glass also ensures outdoor privacy control.

Today, with stringent Government norms and changing lifestyle demands in the residential sector, there is a growing need for solar control glass. This type of glass for windows is not just a sensible option to reduce lighting and cooling costs, but also enhances the visual appeal as well. Therefore, the Sun-ban Glass proves to be the ideal choice, both for its superior solar control properties and aesthetic appearance.

Offering a range of 5 colour options, ensuring sound insulation through double glazed units, meeting safety standards though double glazed insulated units and being available in a variety of sizes, the Sun-ban Glass is sure to be a ray of light for UPVC Windows.




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