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6 Tips to set up a stylish home office

February 01, 2022
Last updated on August 12, 2023

Home offices are the new normal. While many of us had a small nook suitable for a working weekend, the need for a dedicated office space has emerged strongly since the pandemic hit us.

To create the right mood, set the right tone, and present the perfect picture of professionalism, home office spaces now need to be taken up a notch above. Thinking of creating your very own home office? These tips will help you with designing your own space.

Let The natural light in

Since most people work during the day, you need natural lighting for your office space. Adequate lighting helps you focus better, prevents strain on the eyes, and improves the visual quality of your virtual meetings and calls. We highly recommend solar control glass windows for your office space since they provide several benefits. These windows will filter out the excess heat and glare and facilitate optimal lighting in your office space. Additionally, they also reduce electricity usage during the day and can help you cut down on your electricity consumption by cutting down on the heating and artificial lighting bills. As for after dark, light up your office space with different light fixtures like flush lights or lamps. Ensure that the color and intensity of these lights are optimal and that they create the ideal working environment.


solar control glass


Separate your personal and professional space

Home is where the line between professional and personal gets blurred. It is therefore essential to create a dedicated space for work that helps separate the two. A secluded area is especially ideal since it will help you focus better. Adding glass partitions to demarcate your office space is perfect. It enables you to establish a private, professional, and ideal space for yourself for your working hours.


glass partitions


Personalize the space with decorative accents

A fun play on textures and colors can give your home office a significant facelift. Picture frames, lamps, indoor plants, or showpieces can help you personalize the space and make it feel like your own.

One way to create an exciting and attractive backdrop to your workspace is through wall cladding. We especially recommend tinted mirrors. Not only do they have a stunning finish, but they render an optical illusion of space and openness in your home office.




Highlight your ergonomic furniture

Having an ergonomic chair and table is non-negotiable, but it doesn’t have to be boring. While the aim of an office desk is functionality, you can always add to its character. A lacquered glass tabletop helps enhance the visual appeal of your office desk. Since glass is dust, and corrosion-resistant, it is easily one of the most durable materials out there. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain and will look as good as new for years to come.


lacquered glass


Maximize your storage

We all know that one can never have enough storage in their home. That is true for home office spaces as well. Adequate storage is necessary to keep the room looking tidy at all times. Shelves are useful for stowing away your files, important papers, and all unsightly items. We especially recommend toughened glass floating shelves that are sturdy, easy to clean or cabinets with lacquered glass that look effortlessly chic.


toughened glass


Use a Writing board for your work

A practical way to use the space on your walls is by adding a writing board. It can help you display key pointers during a virtual meeting, ideate, strategize and pen down essential reminders. Glass writing boards look stylish, are convenient to maintain, and can add a touch of contemporary glamour to your home office space.


glass writing board


Now that you have some tips on designing your very own home office space, head over to the Saint-Gobain gallery to explore more ideas on what you can do with your area.





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