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5 Advantages of Toughened Glass Railings and Balustrades

December 08, 2023
Last updated on April 18, 2024

A home is composed of many structural, functional as well as aesthetic elements harmoniously coming together. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly common for staircases to become a focal point of interior design rather than merely serving as a functional element.


                                                                      Glass Balustrades Staircase

The staircase presents a possibility to detail out elements like treads, supports, and most importantly, the railings. A popular trend for bespoke staircases is to replace conventional balusters with glass; here are many reasons contributing to this shift.

Advantages of glass balustrades and staircases

As a contemporary alternative that fits well with all kinds of styles, glass railings and balustrades offer many advantages. From maximising light levels to easy installation and maintenance, they open a plethora of options. Speaking of safety, with toughened glass, these railings can also withstand impact making them a strong contender when compared with other conventional materials.

Glass railings are hence a preferred choice, not just for staircases but balconies and terraces as well.

Here are five advantages that glass railings and balustrades provide:

Maximising Light Levels

A glass panel provides the most immediate and effective benefit of letting light into the interior spaces. As staircases and railings are generally large and solid, opaque balustrades end up blocking light, making the walkway darker. On the other hand, glass railings enhance the penetration of light. Available in clear, tinted as well as textured glass forms, glass railings can be designed to influence the quality of light passing through them.

Glass Balustrades reflecting the light

Unobstructed Views

A seamless view is ensured with glass railings as opposed to traditional staircase balustrades. A clean frame without any disturbance is always more appreciated. Glass automatically makes the space feel larger and welcoming because of its transparency. It allows one to enjoy unobstructed views of the exteriors.

Glass Balustrades capturing the outside views through layers of glass

Variety of Sizes, Shapes and Textures

A variety of customization options are possible with glass balustrades. They can be cut to custom sizes or be used as a large seamless piece and are also available in curved forms. The glass surface can be etched, tinted or frosted. This value added glass variety also comes with the benefit of ease of maintenance.

Spiral Staircase for a Penthouse 


A glass staircase has a stunning visual impact. Juxtaposed with other solid textures, its transparency breaks the monotony of any space. In combination with the right material palette, glass can weave stories of both contemporary as well as classical designs.


                                         Balustrade Staircase combined with wooden palette, Kolam house, Coimbatore

Provides a Safety Barrier

While glass balustrades add a touch of style to your staircase, they do not compromise its structural integrity or safety. Toughened glass undergoes a heat treatment that makes it more durable than regular glass. In the rare event of breakage, the glass shatters into small, harmless blunt pieces. Therefore, glass balustrades are equally reliable in preventing damage and injuries. Unlike vertical rails, which need to be spaced closer together for child safety, glass offers a seamless solution which also makes it a great choice!


  Glass balustrade combined with wooden elements

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