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SGG Mirasafe

SGG MirasafeTM: Revolutionary mirrors with shatterproof shield, for enhanced safety. Sturdy and elegant, our incredible mirrors come with a shatterproof shield. This ensures the mirror fragments remain intact and won’t scatter, in the rare event of a breakage. So, enjoy sharp reflections and total safety!

  • Saint-Gobain GlassReduced Risk with Shatterproof Coating

  • Saint-Gobain GlassBrightest

  • Saint-Gobain GlassDistortion free

  • Saint-Gobain GlassSustainable

SGG Mirasafe Application ‎

Kids Room

Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass



Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass

Shopping Spaces


Saint-Gobain Glass

Thickness ‎

SGG MirasafeTM Mirror is available in 5mm and 6mm.