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SGG Priva - Switchable Glass

SGG PRIVA is a revolutionary smart glass from Saint-Gobain, designed to ensure privacy with just the click of a button. Now, it is time to say goodbye to prying eyes in private meetings, whether at home or at work, with glass that can switch from transparent to translucent at will.


It's time to take control, because privacy is now in your hands. Literally. Choose as public or as private you want your space to be. What's more, you can actually manage your space more efficiently than ever before – with no necessity for bulky partitions coming in the way. All you have to do is just click that button, and SGG PRIVA will do the job for you. Transform given spaces into a private den, yoga room or dance studio – the choice is all yours. 

  • Saint-Gobain GlassTested for 3 M Cycles

  • Saint-Gobain GlassIP 67 & 68 Certified

  • Saint-Gobain GlassCompatibility with EN 356 standard

  • Saint-Gobain GlassElectrical Shock Proof

  • Saint-Gobain GlassEnhanced Acoustics


SGG PRIVA is a laminated glass comprising two panes of glass, either clear or tinted, and a liquid crystal interlayer film. When the glass is switched off from its special power supply (transformers provided), the liquid crystals are randomly scattered, preventing both sides from seeing through the glass. By switching the glass on, the liquid crystals line up and reorient themselves, turning the glass totally transparent.

SGG PRIVA is tested in accordance with the CENELEC European Standard to meet stringent security requirements. It can be curved, silk-screen printed or sand-blasted. Besides being an innovative, eye-catching product, it scores high on energy-efficient with very low electric consumption. Known for its excellent acoustic insulation properties, SGG PRIVA can also be combined with other sound-proof glazing.


Mobile Pre-framed Partitions 
Double/Triple Glazing 


Tested for 3 million cycles, you can shut your eyes and trust this one-of-a-kind glass.


Meeting Rooms

Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass


Public Area

Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass

Yoga or Dance Room

Thickness ‎

SGG Priva is available in 10mm, 12mm and 15mm.




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