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Square Wall Mirror
Frameless Square Mirror 2ft 2ft
per piece
Frameless Round Wall Mirror
Frameless Round Mirror 2ft
per piece
Rectangular Bathroom Mirror
Frameless Rectangular Mirror 2ft*3ft
per piece
Rectangular Wall Mirror
Frameless Rectangular Mirror 3ft*2ft
per piece
Frameless Oval Mirror
Frameless Oval Mirror 3ft*2ft
per piece
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There's more to a mirror than just a means of reflection. Indispensable as it has always been, today, it continues to be a sought-after element rather than occupy a nondescript corner of the interiors. The mirror has not only reflected our transformation over the years, but it has also evolved to find pride of place in the interior design space. A permanent fixture in our living space, it is functional and does its job. It is aesthetic – bringing class and elegance, and versatile - capable of being put to different uses. It can also make spaces appear larger than they actually are, thereby adding value to the entire look and feel of the room.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors form the ubiquitous element of every home. They are a necessity and more functional than anything else, although an accent mirror can do what it promises to – accentuate the surroundings. The best thing about wall mirrors, is that they can be placed on any wall – be it the living room, above the wash basin or even the foyer.

Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom without a mirror is quite unimaginable. Besides bringing the element of functionality, mirrors also help to amp up the washroom with some style and glamour. They come in different sizes and shapes that can be chosen to align with the bathroom.

Decor Mirrors

Mirrors have always been, and continue to be an integral part of home decor. They instantly spruce up any space, adding style and sophistication. Placing multiple decor mirrors magnify the space and help bring more light and reflections into the room. There is nothing like a statement piece of mirror to add character to your home interiors.