faceboo SGG Planilaque for Interior Design and Decoration

SGG Planilaque for Interior Design and Decoration

Explore SGG Planilaque, a range of lacquered glass designed to breathe life into your interiors and bring wellbeing into living places. Inducing brilliance and freshness, the range introduces contemporary trends to evoke innovation and creativity, not only from spaces but from you.

  • Saint-Gobain GlassEasy to clean

  • Saint-Gobain GlassLong life

  • Saint-Gobain GlassWorld class quality


SGG Planilaque brings together the unmatched clarity and beauty of glass and the aesthetic delight of lacquer in one spectacular combination. Planilaque provides class and brilliance along with astounding design flexibility which enables it to be used for diverse interior applications including: wall and pillar claddings, doors, kitchen and wardrobe shutters, furniture - table tops and countertops, lift lobby and common/break out area applications. It transforms your interior spaces by making them seem bigger and more vivid. Choose Planilaque the go-to interior decoration glass for living and working spaces and see it come alive! The range is available in 26 different colours and 7 trends.

Saint-Gobain Glass

Exclusive Base Glass - Uses exclusively manufactured base glass

Saint-Gobain Glass

PU Lacquer - Superior Polyurethane delivers long-lasting colour

Saint-Gobain Glass

Humidity Resistant - A humidity-proof lacquer coating

Saint-Gobain Glass

Low Volatile Organic Compound - Healthier indoor environment

Opacity - Optimum colour depth hides the mounting surfaces


Please find our product range below

Saint-Gobain Glass

Wellbeing and Simplicity

A family of warm neutrals – warm whites, ivory, beige and deep browns – lends a colour palette that evokes the natural, calming tones of wood, plants and earth. Creating timeless spaces of warmth and comfort that inspire and endure..

Colours: Cool Earth, Extra White, Choco Brown

Relaxed lifestyle

Drawing inspiration from subtle Scandinavian colours and the glamour of La Dolce Vita, these half-tones provide a gentle wash of colour. The subtle delicate shades are complemented by the shine, depth and modernity of glass.

Colours: Ivory, Mint Green, Solar Yellow, Almond Green

A Touch of Elegance

Intense blues and deep velvety reds. These dark colours are the hallmarks of sophistication, transforming any area into a haven of understated elegance and peace. Truly, shades that bring a refined, theatrical quality to any space.

Colours: Opera Red, Calm Sky, Olive Green, Casis Purple

Dignity in shine

Inspired by the smooth and shiny finish of everyday objects, Metallics are synonymous with the royal colours of grandeur. They impart a subtle yet strong effect to spaces, accentuating their elegance.

Colours: Argent Metallise, Champagne, Vert Onyx Metallise

Subtle comforts

Energising yet not overwhelming, these subtle shades inspire feelings of mellow warmth and good cheer. Aesthetically pleasing, they evoke a sense of wellbeing, making one feel intrinsically happy.

Colours: Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow, Petal Pink, Aquamarine

High-impact shades

A range of pure colours that infuse a renewed zest for life – and make it large. Vivacious reds, dynamic greens and distinctive raspberry, lend depth and character to spaces. These mood-elevating shades add a personal touch to one’s interiors.

Colours: Flame Red, Fusion Orange, Atoll Blue, Aqua Blue,Pista Green

Graphic Design

Inspired by the cool mineral colours of stones and metals, this colour palette of grey, pure white and deep black comes with a clean, distinctive style. Crafting a décor that is all about going back to the basics – a daringly modern statement that embraces its urban roots.

Colours: Ultra White, Titanium Grey, Black


Saint-Gobain Glass


Select from 26 vibrant and trendy colors that can brighten up your spaces and bring home the finish your interiors truly deserve.

Saint-Gobain Glass


Select from 26 vibrant and trendy colors that can brighten up your spaces and bring home the finish your interiors truly deserve.



This collection combines the beauty and clarity of lacquered glass, lending it a world-class quality that enhances interiors. Its unique composition makes the glass highly durable, enabling it to withstand damp and humid environments such as in kitchens and bathrooms, without additional protective backing.


SGG Planilaque is very easy to maintain. Simply use a soft cloth and a standard non-abrasive glass-cleaning product, to clean it.


SGG Planilaque is classified A2-S1-DO with regard to its fire reaction. To avoid the risk of injury in the event of impact, this glass is available as lacquered protective glass (SGG Planisafe version). A safety film is applied to the back of the glass, which holds the fragments of glass in place, if it breaks.


SGG Planilaque helps maintain a healthy and non-polluted environment. It meets stringent standards, with respect to emission of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOC).


The processing of SGG Planilaque lacquered glass is similar to that of mirrors: it can be cut, drilled, edge-worked, scored,screen-printed and sandblasted. For cutting, the lacquered side must face towards the supporting wall, which must be flat, dry and free from all harsh substances in order to protect the lacquer.

Standard thicknesses and dimensions:

  • 4mm: 3210*2550 mm
  • 6mm: 3210*2400 mm

Thickness (mm) 8mm 10mm 12mm
Weight (kg/sqm) 20 25 30
Visible light factors - - -
Transmission TL (%) 91 90 90
External Reflection RLe (%) 08 08 08
Internal Reflection RLe (%) 08 08 08
Ultraviolet - - -
Transmission (%) 08 78 76
Solar energy factors - - -
Transmittance T (%) 88 87 86
Transmittance T (%) 08 08 08
Absorbance A (%) 04 05 06
Thermal properties - - -
Solar Factor (g) EN 410 0.89 0.88 0.88
Shading Coefficient (SC) ISO 9050 1.09 1.01 1.00




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