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Maruthi Onyx

Maruthi Onyx is an exclusive commercial space located in Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka. This exceptional establishment boasts ten spacious floors equipped with top-notch amenities. The expansive building spans an impressive 429,745 square feet, offering a generous canvas for diverse business requirements. Each floor encompasses approximately 28,000 square feet, providing versatility for a wide range of enterprises. Its strategic location ensures seamless accessibility via public transportation, while the vibrant surroundings include a plethora of hotels and dining options.

This project has been constructed by the well-known builder Sri Maruthi Builders. They prominently work in Infrastructure projects, Hospitality, and Renewable energy projects. They have been manufacturing railway sleepers since 1992. Sri Maruthi Builders collaborated with fabricator/window maker Maruthi Aluminium to bring this project to life. With a strong commitment to sustainability, the architectural firm "Artforms Architect" has consistently integrated eco-friendly construction materials, mainly featuring glass in their projects. In line with this vision, they have used Saint-Gobain Antelio Plus, an energy-efficient glass range, as their top choice. 

Maruthi ONYX has used 'Antelio Plus' from Saint-Gobain's Sun Ban range of Solar Control Glass; 'Emerald Glaze' is the selected variant. This specialized pyrolytic coated glass offers exceptional UV protection and maintains indoor temperatures lower than the outdoor environment. By reducing radiation, it maximizes natural daylight exposure while effectively reflecting nearly 70% of external heat. 

Benefits of Choosing SGG Antelio Plus(ST 467)

  • Solar Control
  • UV Protection
  • Soothing Colors
  • Subtle Reflections
  • Higher Light Transmission
  • Makes the Building Look Elegant & Modern

Emphasizing delivering sustainability through energy-efficient glass while maintaining captivating aesthetics, SGG Antelio Plus has achieved a flawless equilibrium between functionality and visual appeal at Maruthi Onyx.


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