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Marvel Artiza

Marvel Artiza Mall is located in a prime location in Hubali City, Karnataka, right along an impressive 8-lane HDBRTS road. It is often praised for its exquisite design by the German architect company Blocher Blocher Partners. Marvel Properties, a renowned builder, undertook this commercial project; Johnson Engineering Works is thea fabricator. The project showcases the combined expertise of all the entities involved, resulting in a remarkable landmark for the city.

Marvel Artiza Mallis spread across a 43,813 sq. ft. retail space to accommodate clothing brand stores and cafes. It comprises all the essential amenities and is well-connected to the city, making it a go-to spot for shoppers. The visually appealing vertical garden on the mall's outside facade is a key attraction. The mall also comes with a convenient multilevel parking area situated underground.

Marvel Artiza is constructed with a green building concept with abundant light and ventilation. Keeping the green theme in mind, the project mandated a high-performance advanced solar control glass while providing optimum light transmission. Hence, SGG COOL-Lite in variant Dew Drop from Saint-Gobain was chosen.

Why SGG Cool-Lite(ST 150) Is the Perfect Choice?

SGG Cool-Lite is a coated glass produced using the latest magnetron sputtering process in a vacuum environment. Apart from its exceptional solar protection capabilities, SGG Cool-Lite offers optimal light transmission, enabling ample natural daylight to illuminate indoor spaces. It effectively decreases  glare and reduces the reliance on artificial lighting. The glass is available in an extensive array of colors, including neutrals, greens, blues, blue-greens, and bronze.

Benefits of choosing SGG Cool-Lite(ST 150)

  • Solar Control
  • UV Protection
  • Minimum Visual Glare
  • Optimum Light Transmission
  • Versatility in Aesthetics & Performance

At Marvel Artiza, SGG Cool-Lite provides a unique glazing solution that perfectly blends functionality and aesthetics. Whether solar control, UV protection, optimal light transmission, or reduced visual glare, SGG Cool-Lite provides the best possible performance. The project embodies energy-efficient construction practices, showcasing responsible and sustainable glazing solutions that will serve as a benchmark for others in the industry.


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