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Park Avenue

MBA Park Avenue is a community of apartments designed to deliver an urban chic lifestyle to the residents of Rajkot. Developed by  Swastik Enterprises, it epitomises elegance and simplicity, elements that make it a coveted project in the locality.

Located at Nana Mava, MBA Park Avenue's  4 BHK Apartments are engineered by internationally renowned architects. It is in close proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping destinations, tech parks, and every conceivable facility to make for a convenient commute. The project itself houses a host of well-equipped amenities that offer the best blend of comfort and luxury.

Spread over 1.33 acres, it is enveloped by verdant surroundings and ample green cover. The developers have been consciously incorporating sustainable building materials and hence glass has been abundantly used in the project. Towards the same, Saint-Gobain's range of energy-efficient glass has been the preferred choice.

MBA Park Avenue has used 'Antelio Plus' from Saint-Gobain's Sun Ban range of Solar Control Glass; 'Sparkling Ice' is the selected variant. It is a special pyrolytic coated glass which provides superior UV protection. At the same time, it ensures that the indoor temperature remains unaffected or stays lower when compared to temperature outdoors. It helps to cut radiation, allowing ample daylight while reflecting away almost 70% of heat.

In a region known for its high temperatures, Saint-Gobain's Solar Control Glass 'Antelio Plus' comes as a refreshing addition to beat the heat. The fact that it facilitates reduced dependence on artificial cooling and lighting and therefore, lesser costs on energy, makes it all the more welcoming. Offering energy-efficient glazing, the MBA Park Avenue is indeed paving new avenues for residents to embrace a greener and sustainable lifestyle.


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Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass

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Saint-Gobain Glass

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