faceboo RK Prime Plus, Rajkot Uses High-Performance Glazing Solutions


RK Prime Plus is an exclusive space designed for healthcare and medical industry professionals. It is a project by the RK Group,an integrated real estate and hospitality group that has contributed to the infrastructure development of Rajkot. Over the past two decades, it has served over 500 clients, won 18 awards and completed more than 50 projects, including residential townships, corporate parks, industrial warehouses, industrial zones, weekend clubs, and much more.

RK Prime Plus houses 17 clinics and 4 showrooms. It is strategically located to offer easy accessibility from all parts of the city. The property is well-equipped with all the amenities to create a holistic ambience for the provision of quality medical care. The project has been thoughtfully designed to be both aesthetically appealing and functionally superior. Saint-Gobain's high-performance glazing solutions were chosen to deliver the best of form and function. SGG Midas Gold and SGG Cool-Lite Graphite were the selected variants.

SGG Midas Gold is a high-performance solar control glass with a regal golden hue. An advanced coated glass manufactured by the state-of-art magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions, SGG Midas Gold lends a classy, elegant touch. With a lustre that matches the brilliance of gold, it transforms buildings into landmark buildings that leave a lasting impression.

A high-performance advanced solar control glass, SGG Cool-Lite is also manufactured by the magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions. In addition to solar protection, SGG Cool-Lite provides optimum light transmission and UV protection at the same time. It allows natural daylight into the interiors while reducing glare and minimizes the need for any kind of artificial lighting. It is suited for use in both single and double glazed units. The Graphite shade was used in this project.

With Saint-Gobain's glazing solutions, RK Prime Plus is representative of new-age architecture that is designed to deliver aesthetics as much as performance. The project exemplifies the many facets of glass and establishes its role of being more than just another building material.


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Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass

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Saint-Gobain Glass

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