faceboo SKCL Excellence, Chennai Opts for Sustainable Glazing for Corporate Spaces

SKCL Excellence

SKCL Excellence is a Grade A development by SKCL with a built-up area of 50040 sq.ft office space. SKCL was the first developer to invest in Guindy and since then, has made it a landmark location for corporate occupiers.

SKCL Excellence offers spacious and skilfully designed commercial office space. The project is well-equipped with modern amenities and has excellent connectivity by road, rail and metro. It also has other conveniences in close proximity to ensure a comfortable workplace. For the comfort of the occupants and to ensure energy-efficiency, sustainable glazing from Saint-Gobain has been used. SGG Nano and SGG Cool-Lite were chosen. Both are advanced coated glasses manufactured by the state-of-art magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions, and suitable for both single and double-glazed units.

SGG Nano is an advanced solar control and thermal insulation glass (single silvered Low-E), with performance that directly fits green building requirements. A product which confluences the best of aesthetics, transparency, comfort and optimum lighting, it offers excellent inside-out vision while the exterior façade shines in its sheer brilliance. It is available in neutral, green and blue and bronze shades. At SKCL Excellence, SGG Nano Tropica Green has been used.

In addition to solar protection, SGG Cool-Lite provides optimum light transmission, allowing natural daylight into the interiors, reduces glare and minimises the need for any kind of artificial lighting. It is available in an exhaustive range of colours of neutrals, greens, blues, blue greens and bronze. SGG Cool-Lite Turquoise was the shade used in the project.

The perfect choice of sustainable glazing for all seasons and glazing orientations, SGG Nano and SGG Cool-Lite have contributed to building excellence in this project. From being just a visual element to ensuring sustainability and energy-efficiency, the glazing solutions from Saint-Gobain are Making the World a Better Home.


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Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass

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