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SS International School

SS International School is a co-educational English medium school located in central Davanagere, Karnataka. This institutional project is developed by Nagarjuna Construction Company. The school has a well-designed infrastructure and experienced faculty to impart a conducive learning environment for students.

The intelligently designed architecture by Shankar Associates provides a comprehensive gateway for young minds to blossom. Ajit Glafa India Pvt Ltd, known for their state-of-the-art Italian machinery to fabricate & assemble a comprehensive range of facade and fenestration systems, is the glass fabricator for the project.

The SS International School chose Antelio Plus from Saint-Gobain's Sun Ban range of Solar Control Glass; 500 sqm of Antelio Plus 'Sparkling Ice' was used. The glass has a special pyrolytic coating that provides superior UV protection. Moreover, it keeps the indoor temperature lower than the outside temperature. While the glass helps to reflect away almost 70% of the heat, it allows ample daylight to come through.

Why prefer SGG Antelio Plus(ST 167)?

SGG Antelio Plus is a cutting-edge coated glass that is made using the latest magnetron sputtering technology in a vacuum environment. It blocks the incoming heat radiation from the sun while keeping the indoors bright with natural light.

This product is versatile and adaptable to different installation requirements, as it is available in a variety of calming shades, including neutral, green, blue, and bronze. It can be used for both single and double-glazing applications.

Benefits of Choosing SGG Antelio Plus(ST 167):

  • Higher Light Transmission
  • Solar Control
  • UV Protection
  • Subtle Reflection
  • Soothing Colors
  • Makes The Building Look Very Elegant & Modern

Solar Control Glass 'Antelio Plus' from Saint-Gobain comes as a refreshing addition to a region known for its high temperatures in summer. The fact that it will reduce the need for artificial cooling and lighting makes the product environmentally friendly by saving energy costs.

By offering energy-efficient glazing, SS International School is ensuring a sustainable environment for students to thrive in, while making the world a better place for future generations.


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