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Saint-Gobain brings you crystal-clear glass, known to be the clearest in its category. With low iron content that makes it purer and clearer, this class of glass is perfect for every need that demands clarity of the highest standards. Clearer, brighter, sharper – Saint-Gobain's clear glass is clearly the right choice. 

Clear Glass

654 PPM Clear Glass

Clear Glass is a glass manufactured in the float line without any tint, allowing it to be transparent in nature. This transparent and clear finish ensures clarity of vision with true colours of the objects. Cle ...

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High Quality Clear Glass

High Quality Clear Glass - SGG Diamant

SGG Diamant is a unique 'extra clear' high clarity and high-definition float glass, the result of Saint-Gobain's continuous world-class research and development that makes it significantly clearer than regular, ...

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Saint-Gobain Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

Explore Elegant Tinted Glasses   SGG Parsol is a body-tinted glass, manufactured like a clear float glass. It is designed for purposes that mandate an aesthetic sensibility. Saint-Gobain Glass has st ...

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