Glassmate Ultrafix is a high performance alkoxy-based neutral silicone with unmatched bond strength.

Glassmate Ultrafix silicone is a one-part moisture cure sealant available in a transparent colour. It is compatible with clear glass, mirrors and lacquered glass. Glassmate Ultrafix silicone is free from harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making it a safe product to use. An odour-free sealant, it is easy to apply and is particularly handy for filling gaps. Its coverage area is three-times higher than other silicones and the support time required is just 3 hours. The bond strength of the Glassmate Ultrafix Silicone is 800 kPa. The recommended substrates for the application are glass, plywood, MDF board, fibre cement and tiles.



  • High bond strength
  • Neutral alkoxy cure
  • Ultrafast fixing
  • Green product
  • Saves time
  • Easy glass installation
  • Safe to install


Mirror Mounting

For durability of mirrors, rely on a compatible solution such as Ultrafix to do the job.

Lacquered Glass Mounting

As a sealant, Glassmate Ultrafix ensures a stronger bond between lacquered glass and mounting substrate

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Ultrafix Silicone
Available colour
Curing type
Alkoxy neutral
Support time
3 hours
Coverage area per tube
upto 3.5 sq. m
Bond strength
> 800 kPa
Compatible with mirrors/lacquered glass
Weather sealing
VOC compliant
Guarantee for glass installation by the company


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