faceboo Bayvue, Mumbai uses Facade Glass, SGG Antelio Plus


Bayvue is strategically located, overlooking the Marine Drive, Mumbai. Spread over 34 floors, it is the tallest tower in the 'C' Ward. A project by the Vibrant Group, known for their blend of aesthetically appealing and sustainably efficient homes, Bayvue offers options for 2BHK and 3BHK apartments.

In keeping with the increasing need for delivering sustainability, Vibrant has incorporated several eco-friendly features in this project. Chief among them, is the use of high-performance glazing solutions by Saint-Gobain. SGG Antelio Plus has been used in the single glazed facades and windows, bringing the much-needed elements of energy-efficiency and energy savings to the occupants of Belvue.

SGG Antelio Plus is an advanced coated glass manufactured by magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions. It blocks the incoming heat radiation from the sun, while allowing the natural light to filter in. Higher light transmission, subtle reflections and UV protection, while keeping the aesthetics intact - are its biggest plus points.

SGG Antelio Plus has also helped Bayvue meet sustainability metrics like Spatial Daylight Autonomy (SDA) and Annual Sunlight Exposure, which have a great bearing on energy use. Hence, SGG Antelio Plus has been instrumental in improving the flow of daylight, minimizing direct exposure of the sun and greatly reducing the use of energy. The neutral tone of the glass brings a Greyish tint that adds a great deal of elegance and sophistication to the project.

products used

Saint-Gobain Glass

SGG Antelio Plus




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